Variety (October 1922)

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'.v;\.'-^f^i.:r^rw^'^ ■'•• : It r .'•"►.'-^yTqnr"'. r- v^iifwjuipiu qnit*"i' 'TM'f'^r-': *ir,.'."*«itotf«i \!ttm j iiii i\m. |iwfTy.^a»w>^'^?f~y>w!vwi 5P.'j'';7Wi; ■" J;/lp■^T•"'-^^;^.t'?!^;*^ -;' * 8¥AH PEACEFUL WEEK SAW UnU GROSS CHANGE Pi C T U R E 5 PmiirS SPURT HAS THitOWN OFF HOODOO -K, C. OFF LMt WMk Not 80 Qoo4—Two WMk« Too Lont Exception, with $4»000 Increatc Last Week— ^'Knighthood" Still Playing to Turnaway Crowds —''Rags to Riches'' a Surprise at the Capitol Calm and peaceful alongr Broad- <iray last week with the business IVarying very little at any of the . houses with th« possible exception •t the Rlalto where there was a S4.000 Jump orer the previous week. At the Capitol there was soine sur- prise expressed that Wesley Barry la "From Ragrs to Riches" should eome within $150 of the business done the previous week by Mae Mur- ray In "Broadway Rose." At the Strand the Universal special "Under Two Flags" pulled a fair week, while •Ttfanslaughter" held over at the RivoU\held the business pace ex- ceeding well for a second week on the picture dropping less than $1,500 below the first week. "The Prleoner of Zenda" at the Astor flnlehed last week and Mon- day Metro presented "Trifling Women" at the house for a run. The notices were hardly favorable to the feature aa far as the daily preu was conoamed. Two swltchea were arranged for pictures that are to come in for a run. The D. W. Orifflth feature "One Exciting Nfght" la set for the Apollo to follow the Frank Tinney ■how there while the Douglas Fair- banks special "Robin Hood" comes Into the Lyric following the William Pox feature "A Little Child Shall Lead Them" which has but another two weeks to go. At tlie Criterion the record bus- iness with which "When Knight- hood Was in Flower" started off which is still continuing and the picture is playing to a turnaway. This week started off with a record Saturday and Sunday in all of the houses because of the Jewish holiday and It looks as though record business will be reported jQext week. An estimate of the gross business (fit each house last week is: Astop—"Trifling Women" (Metro). Beats. 1,131; scale, $1.65. Opened mils week following "A Prisoner of Zenda," which dropped considerably •during the last weeks of its stay. IDChe estimated gross for the final rweek was In the neighborhood of ■7,800. Cameo —"The Ghost Breaker" J(Paramount). Seats, 550; ecale, 65- P5. Wallace Reld star. House seems to be varying between playing a ^ third pre-release run after the Rl- alto and Rlvoll one week and follow- ing with an independent feature the next. This seems rather poor man- agement, as it fails to establish a (policy for the hou^ie and keeps them from building up a regular clientele. fThe Reid picture did a fairly good week's bu.siness for the house, get- iting in the neighborhood of $4,000. Capitol—"From Rags to Riches" 'fWarner Bros.). Seats, 5,300; scale. tnats., 30-50-$l; eves.. 55-85-$,1.10. "Wealey Bany star. This picture Burpassed the expectations of even the Capitol management, when it , managed to draw with $1.50 of the businoHS done by Mae Murray the week before. The gross on the week Boing to $38,800. Criterion—"When Knighthood Was tn Flower" (Cosmopolitan).. Seats, 886; mats., $1.50 top: eves., $2. Harion Da vies star. Is still con- tinuing to do a turnaway at both the matinee and night performances and did a whale of a business dur- ing the holidays. Got over $11,500 Ikgain last week. 44th Street—"Monte Crlsto" (Fox Bpecial). Scats, 1,323; scale, $1 mats.: $1.65 cve.s. BuHiness dropped ft little again last week, with the tfross Just a little under $7,500. Lyric—"A Little Child Shall Lead (Them (Fox Special). Seats, 1,400; tocale, $1 mats.; $1.65 eves. The $1,000 change of title campaign may bare helped a little, but the picture did iK)t improve very much at the hox ofBce, with the gross going M-ound $2,250. Rialto—"Pink Gods" (Paramount). eeats, 1.960; scale 55-85-95. Bobc Daniels star. Bu.siness jumped about 14.000 above the previous week. When *'Mising Million.^" was at the hooae. The gross last week alwut $18,100. Rivoll —« "Manslaughter" (Par- hmount), seats, 2,200; scale, 55-85- 9^0. Thomas Mcighan star. This picture held up remarkably well for the eocond week at this house cetting $27,600 oii the week which ~ was only about $1,500 under the first Str'and—'Under Two Flaps" (Unl- Tersal Jewel), scats. 2.900; scale. 80-50-85C. Priscilla Dean star. Drew a very good week's business very nearly touching the $30,000 mark with this feature which was romailc hy U. after Fox, hud made It about •MR yoara a«o. CAPITAL UNCHANGED statesmen Are Now Away From Washington, D. C. f Washington, Oct. 4. Senators and Congressmen have all left for their homes, but it isap- parent tliey and their families com- prise only a small portion of the supporters of the picture houses locally. Business has continued along even, the Metropolitan natu- rally getting the greatest play with "Monte Cristo." The business done boosted the receipts well up for this house, which really never has room for much complaint. The fact that the Columbia was on its second week of "The Prisoner of Zenda" also aided matters there, as did the exceptionally well handled extra ad- vertising campaign launched by Harry Crandall's office for the "Monte Cristo" picture. EsCmates for the week: Crandall's Metropolitan (Capacity 700. Scale 20-35 mats.. 35-50 nights) "Monte Cristo" (Fox).—Heavy ex- penditure for extra advertising, get- ting It back many times over. This house, which has run along even, jumped way up. with receipts for week hitting possible $14,000. L^w'a Columbia (Capacity 1,200. Scale, 35c mats., 35-50 nights).— Second week "The Prisoner of Zen- da" (Metro). Held up remarkably well. Looks to have got close to $11,000. Moore'e Riaito (Capacity 1,900. Scale, 25 mornings, 35 afternoons, 50 evenings. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 50).—'The Storm" (Univer- sal). House had receipts boosted connlderably, but not to justify sec- ond week. Picture looks to have climbed to about $8,000. Loew's Palace (Capacity 2.500. Scale 20-25 mats.. 20-30-40-50 eve- nings, Saturdays. Sundays and holi- days 50).—"The Siren Call." Dor- othy Dalton. (Paramount.) Good week, althoiigh against strong op- position. I^obks to have got around $8,000. Stanley Did Over $24,000 Ust Week—"Monte Cristo" Re- mained Four Weeks ACTRESS IS APPRENTICE Court Holds Mary Astor Must Serve Term of "Master Servant" Law Lucille Langhanke (professionally Mary Astor, pictures) was denied the right to cancel her agreement with Harry Durant, picture pro- ducer, whereby she was to serve as "apprentice" to Durant for a term of six years. Miss Astor. 17. sought to annul the agreement, but New York Supreme Court Justice Philip J. McCook holds "the art in which Durant undertook to Instruct Miss Astor brings the engagement within section 110 of tlie domestic relations law." This Is the old "master and servant act." although, the justice continues, "it might b^ a question whether the plaintiff/was a servant or an apprentice."-^ Miss Astor's contention was that Durant failed to instruct her in the picture acting art. but that her father actually secured all engage- ments for her. The defendant argued that actresses are really "made" and are "plastic material to be mould- ed" by experienced tutors. MILDRED HARBIS' LEGAL JAM Chicago, Oct. 4. Mildred Harris had to leave her clothes, personal belongings and salary In the hands of the Minne- apolis County Court, to satisfy the garnishee proceedings Instituted by J. W. Rubcnstein. a local producer. Rubcnstein claims having entered Into a contract with Miss Harris for $200 a week out of her $1,750 weekly .salary for a 12-week contract. Miss Harris paid $550 and then stopped. The case Is due to come up Oct. 20. Los Angeles. Oct. 4. Mililrod Harris filed a voluntary petition in banl<ruptcy Monday, list- ing $30,000 liabilities and a.ssots of $1,500, consisting of wearing apparel which is claimed as excmi)t. The petit ion was cxocutod in Duluth, but waM forwarded here fur iiltug, Two long illnes.se9 with its at- tendant non-employment for many months brojwht about her prt-.sent financial condition. She asserted that only $e.r)00 of the alimony Charles Chaplin sottlfd on her was loft her after settling with attorneys for legal tolls. , V Philadelphia, Oct 4. The Bpurt taken by the bigger downtown film housea week before last haa continued, and It looka now as if some of the houses which have recently labored under a hoo- doo have thrown It off. The Stanley with "Sherlock Holmes." the Karlton with "The Masquerader," the Stanton with a fourth and final week of "Monte Christo" and the Palace with "Blood and Sand" all turned \fi good* grosses. Especially pleasing tc the Stan- ley company has been the fine busi- ness at the Stanton, which made some real money with "Monte Cristo" after falling by the wayside duriiig the last part of laet year. This week, with t^je holiday to help. "Manslaughter's" opening drew a crowded house from the 11 o'clock opening until late night, with queues extending a block in either direction. This DeMillo feature, which got all but one laudatory no- tice, looks to be good to repeat the Fox feature's run. The Stanley, too, has been hitting on all six cylinders recently, with a line choice of features. Last week with "Sherlock Holmes," which was given the benefit of some special advertising and received splendid notices, the business went again to over $24,000, and this feature has accordingly been booked at the Palace for next week. This week's feature at the Stanley is being closely watched. It Is "Loves of Pharaoh," formerly scheduled at the Stant6n. One week only. "The Masquerader" at the Karlton did not measure up to the high average achieved by "The Storm" despite this Guy Bates Post pic- ture was considered more fitted to the clientele of this elite Chestnut street house. However. "The Mas- querader's" business was always satisfactory and no disappointment \Vas felt that It was booked for two weeks. The notices It received were, on the whole, favorable. Switched bookings, which have been the fule Iti the legit field here this fall, have also been occurring frequently in the film houses. For example, "Burning Sands," the itew- est desert story, was booked for the Stanley on the 16th,- and "The Face in the Fog." with Lionel Barrymore, was slated for the Karlton. Oct. 9. "The Face In the Fog" was so well liked by Stanley ofllcials. however, j that the bookings were reversed, I with "Burning Sands" In at the Karlton next week, and the Barry- more film at the Stanley, starting on the 16th. Definite announcement Is now made that "The Prisoner of Zenda" will come Into the Aldlne Oct. 23 for "an Indefinite engagement," with the house then operated by Metro. This Is the one house which the Stanley company realizes needs bol- stering in the worst way. and the Ingram feature Is hoped to get It under way. "Remembrance," the Rupert Hughes sentimental yarn, will be the Aldine attraction next week, and this way do something good, as the Goldwyn company has been adyertising heavily in local papers recently. Another interesting booking Is that of the Universal special, "Hu- man Hearts." at both the Arcadia and the Victoria next week. It Is just recently that extended bookings at the big downtown houses were granted this company, but ^^ the strength of "The Storm's" big busi- ness at the Karlton others are com- ing in. Estimates for last week: Stanley—"Sherlock Holmes (Para- mount). Splendid notices and built up business by favorable word of mouth ndvortl.sing, which resulted in pross of $24,250. "Loves of Pharoah" this week, with "The Bond Boy." with Richard Barthelmess. and Vic- tor Herbert to lead the orchestra as two features of bill next week. (Capacity, 4.000; scale, 35 and 50c., matinees: 50 and 75c., evenings.) Stanton—"Monte Cristo" (Fox). Held over for fourth week and busi- ness warranted added stay. Again passed $7,500 mark at 75c. top. "Man.slaughter" tlrfs week, also ex- pected to stick around Fome time. (Capacity, 1.700; scale. 33 and 50c., matinees; 50 and 75c.. nights.) Aldine—"Rich Men's Wives" (Pre- ferred). Did only moderately, never figuring to share in general wave of bettor bu.siness. May have grazed $3,000. but nothing morp. "dhost Breaker" switched in here this week instead of at Stanley as first in- tended, ni.iy help some, with more promise held out by "Itemembrance" and "Prisoner of Zenda." (Capac- ity. l.r.OO; scale. 50c. straight.) Karlton — "MaHquera«Ver" (First Natidiial). This house has shown steady improvement recently, and while this Guy Bates film didn't reach high gross of "The Stornj." its two v.reks* run looks to be ■ succcs.sful for all concorned. "Burning Sands." In Saturday, ac- cording to policy of house, which changes at end of week instead of Kansas City, OcV 1. "Come Early or Stand" hi the slogan recently hoisted to the mast- head of the Newmail theatre, and the business last week fully lived up to the motto, although the flnal count-up failed to show qulte^as much cash In the coffers as for the run of "Blood and Sand," a eouple of weeks ago. . With the weather much more suitable for indoor amufements, It was thought "Manslaughter" would beat "Blood and Sand," but the matinees dropped, the female fans failing to flock to the afternoon shows in the same numbers as for the Valentino production. The man- agement is continuing Its policy of added entertainment units, with the picture only one of the featured parts of the program. ThiB Liberty tried melodrama again with tife Lincoln J. Carter classic, "The Fast Mall." ^hich brought back fond memories to the old-%mers, but which meant nothing to the younger fans. The picture was slrongTy billed, but business could have been better. Continuing along the same lines, the house will have "Human Hearts" for Its Priests of Pallas feature this week. At the Hardings' second house, Doric. "Marjah" was given all the notoriety, although a picture, "A Rogue's Romance," was run be- tween the "Mystery Man" exhibi- tions. The entire bill has been re- tained for the third week. "Orphans of the Storm." held at the Royal for the second week, failed to come up to the first week's business, and Jias pretty well dem- onstrated that this town will not give paying business on the sec- ond week to a picture. As a whole, the week was not so good, even the managers on Twelfth street complaining. In spite of the fact that several were giving first runs and changing daily, for 10 and 15 cents. The week's estimates: Newman — "Manslaughter" (De MlHe production), (seats 1,980— scale, matinees 35 cents, nights 50, 75 cents). Thomas Meighan. Other entertainment unift. Came with a rush, although title was practically unknown. Business close to the $28,000. Royal—"Orphans of the Storm" (Griffith)-(seats 900—scale. 65, 75 cents.) Second week, and while business held up fairly well, far from first week, when capacity ruled. Tilt in prices from 35-50 cents to 55-75 cents probably had something to do with falling off. About $9,000. Liberty—"The Fast Mail" (Fox production)—(scats 1,000—scale, 35- 50 cents.) As a thriller, this pic- turization of Carter's successful play is there. Business ordinary; around $6,000. Twelfth Street—"The Kick-Back" (Seats 1,100—scale, 25 cents.) Harry Carey. Other events on bllL Big show for a quarter. Gross about $2,200. Friday, October 6, 1922 E BOSTON RECOrT DESPTTE THE HE/ SOVIET COMPANY FIEED London, Sept. 24. The better part of the Welsh- Pearson company of 35 people have returned from Blair Athol In Scot- land where they have been making exteriors for "The Romany." De- spite stories circulated here by a member of the company who devel- oped strong Communistic tendencies and was fired with a month's money, the crowd speaks highly of the good time they have had. The company lived In a regula- tion "bell tent" and were fed and looked after by a staff of expert ex-service cooks and the result is said to have cost about twice as much as had a hotel been within travelling di.stance. Little now re- mains to be done with the picture beyond the shooting of a few studio scenes but one or two members of the company remain in Scotland to do some "stunts" with a water-fall. The leading members of the com- pany are Victor McLaghlen, Hugh E. Wright, Harvey Braban, Malcolm Todd, Leon Taylor. Peggy Hatha- way and Irene Norman. The latter is in reality the Marchioness of Queensbury and had about 10 years experience of the American stage before she married the present holder of the Queensbury title. Monday. (Capacity, 1.100; scale, 50c. straight.) Psiace—"Blood and Sand" (Para- mount). Third week downtown for this picture which, allhough a satis- factory draw everywhere, was no record-bre&ker here. Palace run did not touch house's high ispots. but went over recent average for about $8,000. : ' , . ^ Globe Gets 'Em with Houdini in Person—Lavish Pub- * Ilcity Boston, Oct. 4. Stimulation of picture business and exploitation both by stunt and straight newspaper copy is being attempted in Boston to offset the alarming skid business has taken as the result ijf the abnormally warm weather, two days last week being the hottest of corresponding date In 70 years. r' One surprise camo In the relin- quishing of active operation ori lease option basis of the Tremont Tem]>le^ Boston's biggest downtown audi- torium, by ilie Fox interesT.s, who apparently lost heart i;fter the poor showing of "A Little ChUd Shall Lead Them." "Shepherd King." "The Town That Forgot God," and "My Son David" were all scheduled at the Temple. Instead, two weeks went by default to the Eustace Afri- can Travel pictures and Griffith's *'One Exciting Night." with a young fortune being spent in newspaper copy, is announced for next week. The Fox "Nero" unexpectedly went Into the Park on Indefinite time, being the strongest Klab this house has as yet made for really big time films. It was rumored that Fox had relinquished the Tremont Temple entirely^ but It is now understood that Griffith's time was not opposed. by the Fox interests. The Loew camp opened its drive Monday night to stimulate Globe business, booking Houdlnl's "Man From Beyond," and bringing Hou- dini on for the Monday opening in person. The house is normally 10-20-30 after 12 o'clock, and the triple attraction of the film. Houdini in person, and the Mystic Clayton as an act. brought 4,700 people into the house on Monday, a record for the house. Next week the Loew forces, head- ed by Victor Morris. Joe DiPesa and Joe Porcella, tackle the season's biggest pop house exploitation^ when they will try out publicity on "For- get Me Not" with- the orphans of Boston. "The Prisoner of Zenda," which will be exploited at the State The- atre (Loew). will also make a along Celluloid Alley, as the news- paper copy appropriation Is said to be more than double any previous expenditure. Inasmuch as the house has played "Blood and Sand" to over $17,000, there Is some lee- way for this type of campaign, es- pecially in view of the fast Loew can get a back-wa3h en hia outlay by using the pictures for re- peat weeks In his pop houses. This is what Is being done this week with "Manslaughter." wh'ch did not play Itself out last week at tiie State at $13,000 and which pulled big on a repeat week at Loew's Orpheum. The Bowdoln also broke the warm weather jinx through the astuteness of Al Somerbee of the I^iOthrop Interests, who booked in "Mrs. Rudolph Valentino" In per- son, heavily advertised in the Sun* days, Interviewed for a harmless talk on married life. The stunt brought the women into the house In droves. The pop hotises are continuing to hunt for strong pictures, bookings for this week showing Jackie Coo« gan In "Trouble" at Gordon's ScoN lay Square, Guy Rates Post's "Mas- querader" at Gordon's Olvmpia; "More to Be Pitied Than Scorned" at Keith's Boston and Norma Tal- madge's "Eternal Flame" In the Fenway and Gordon's Strand. "Blood and Sand" Is being released rapidly to the suburban houses, four or five showings in outside Boston being made this week.* Estimates for last week: Loew's State (capacity 4,000; 2S- 50). "Manslaughter" Last week at nearly $13,000, another big surprl."© from this house, which nothing sf»oms to affect seriouslj'. "The Old Homestead" this week a doubtful issue, and "The Prisoner of Zenda" announced for next week witli hopes of,a whale of a week. Tremont Temple (capacity 2,000;' •>r.. 50). 'With Eustace in African Jungles" with the two Eustaces in person did nothing alarming In their jnmp-ln booking last week, being reported at about $4,000. Park (capacity 2,400; 28-40). "Silver Wing.s* (Fox) a disappoint- ment at $6,000. although making money at this price. The switch to this house by Fox has aroused some comment along Celluloid Alley. Modern (capacity 800; 28-40). "What•.^ Wrong with tho Women?" and "Tlie Queen of the Moulliv- Rouge" week to about $4,500. another di.sappointment. although .f^howing profit, Owen Moore in "Love Is an Awful Thing" and Du.s- tln Farnum in "The Yosemite Trail" thi.R week. Beacon (attraction, scale and seat- ing capacity Identical with Modern). •Slightly behind Modern last week.