Variety (March 1925)

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SCCIN' THINGS M GIRLS SPRING CHAPEAUX A certain famous and beloved wag has lately been "tripping the light fantastic" In words, on the modes and fashions. %n these pseudo-spring days when other young men's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, hia, so it seems, turna not to her, but to her spring bonnet. The wag, or rather, Don Marquis, aays: "A dispatch from London Informa ua that the new apring hats are being trimmed with egg ahells. We hope the shells are from the eggs of Birda of Paradise, and none other. A new spring hat to a woman is a sort of poetic.expression; it is what a new spring poem ia to a poet And she deserves to have it trimmed with the shells of the eggs of the Bird of Paradise, nothing leas, if she can get thera. Or the ahella of the Blue Bird • WpU. it seems appropriate for the Eastern lonnet, at any rate. woiil^ coat twice the price. Prices In the fur market have advanced enormoualy, and It la a fact sklna will be far more expensive next year. Do see their many bar- gains. THEATRICAL COSTUME DESIGNER It IS a sheer delight to visit Mme. Georgette in her smart, exclusive little aalon at 29 E:aat 48th street, formerly oi>erated by Carolyne Nunder. At the threshold one leaves America and entera the Continent There «THI SILK tTOCKINa THAT WEARS* 1 They Just can't help '^watchlnr your step" when yn are wearing famous "LEHIOH" allk oi>era length hose! This beautiful f ifl faabloned. all ailk hoae can be found In all depart- ment atorea and theatrical coatumera throughout the counj7. They wear ao beautifully and are dipped dyed In all of the amarteat ahadea of the moment Look for the trade-mark. I know you will like them. TndtUark Hew do you like the new Batik Leather ahoea and the Irldeecen' patent leather onea? A FAVORITE RENDEZVOUS The happy meeting place for luncheon is PIrolle's, 145 Weat 4Sth atreet (adjoining the Ly- ceum theatre). Every one aeema to be recommending Pirolle'a theae daya and for many reaaoua. One reason ia Ita convenient location, another Is the delectable food, and another, not by any meana the least, the prices. The "special dish" each day in the week Is a delight, and also their pas- try, with which, by the way, they supply many of the leading restau- rants around Broadway. A apecial feature of Pirolle'a Is their freshly made coffee, of which you may have as much as you wish without extra charge! VARIETY'S NEW SHOPPING SERVICE BY MAIL ORDER FROM OUT OF TOWN (— Girls of the show busineaa, I ahall be happy to help you In your shopping wants It you wish, and right here in New York. There will be no'Charge for the aervlce. It la Variety's Shopping Service, for the girls of the show business while they are outside of New York City. Variety Guarantees Every Purchase There will be a guarantee with every purchase i. order, that the girl giving the order through me is to have thorough satisfaction. In lit or material or article, or correction made or money refunded. Protective Service Neeoed The show business always has needed a protective service of this kind for the girls. This is it. If you should want me to make a purchase of any amount for some ond^ thing a consultation may be needed over suggest you write first so we can get down to a basis when I can tell you the cost or other details. If sending for articles you know, make out check or money order payable to Variety, 154 West 4<th street. New York City. Do not send money (currency). Service Free to Everyone, Everywhere Variety's Shopping Service !s extended freely and without charge to any girl in any branch of the show businest. (taking In pictures) anywhere In the United States or Canada. AnnabeOe Lee. FOR DANCERS For over a quarter of a century yrofessionals have been ordering ballets at Capezio's, 1684 Broadway. They are one of the longest lived ballets made, because they are especially built for hard wear and service. Designed by mas- ter ahoe makers, they have style, grace of line and comfort The cflors in stock are pink, black and white satin, and black kid. When dyed to match the costume tl extra is charged. Send for a catalogue. Is that inevitable Parisian chic, not only in the heavenly array of hats, gowns and wraps, but in the very setting itself Mme Georgette (an artist herself, having played , opposite the famous French actor, Andre Brule, in Paria), haa designed costumes for the "Polies Bergere," Theatre Des Varieties and for many years Mme. Rejane's gowns in Pnris. I urge you to see her lovely spring models. I<ace dresses In beige, black, gray, green and metal seem to be favored in the shops on the avenue. < ■ LAST FUR BARGAIN Winter, masquerading in the guise of spring for the past few weeks, finally came out of the assumed char- acter when the mercury dropped to IC degrees. It was a dash for the "old fur coat" again.' The Hudson Bay Fur Shop, 062 Sixth avenue, has been crowded these daya with many wise women, who realize that ther«> are weeks ahead when a fur coat will be very comfortable, and that they have a coat that next year AN IDEAL REST CURE So wonderful is the work of Mme. Mays that she now has a long waiting list of anxious women who will travel from points as far west aa Chicago, Kanaaa City and Denver Just to take her wonderful two weeka' course of scientific treat- ments. In her beautifully appointed house at 50 West 49th street, where one enjoys all the comforts and luxu- ries of a private home. An ideal rest cure. For further particulars call Bryant 942«. The ostrich boa gives a charming and graceful note to the evening gown, don't you think? SAID OF THE COOLIDGE While "seein' things" on the avenue the other day I met a well known vaudeville star who haa Just re- turned ttora. a 40 weeks' tour. "Do run in to see me any day. 1 have the dearest ifttle 'home' In^all New York." "Surely," I answered "where are you living?' "The Hotel Coolldge 131 West 47th street," she replied, "this charmln; hotel spells HOME to me. There la a delightful feeling o comradeship about It, and although it has aK of the conveniences of the larger hotels has that cozy intimacy that only the smaller hotels can give." INSIDE STUFF OH VAUDETILLE Variety's story in its Issue of Deo. 24. last, concerning the hyphena- tion of the Keith-Albee name and particularly referring to the assootation of E. F. Albee with the Keith circuit, haa been reproduced in pamphlet form by the K-A aecncy for nation-wide distribution. Previously the article had been generally published in the house programs along the Keith chain. More latterly the pamphlet appears to have been decided^ upon. From accounts, it is being sent to every city in all sections. An edition of a tremendoL.s amount must have been printed. Vn New Orleans on Sunday night the show folks flock into Night Couri to listen to Judge Leonard dispensing Justice. The majority of the culprits brought before the Judge on that evening are colored. Aa there Is no Saturday night court, the docket on Sunday evening is large. The court opens,at midnight to over-capacity in the court room and in the dock. Judge Leonard knows many of the'visiting show folks, and is a nimble wit himself. Upon seeing a "wise" case in front of him. the Judge "puts It on" for the professionals, bringing out all of the essential points. Often the evidence itself is ali that fs required for laughs. On a recent Sunday nigh' in Judge Leonard's court, the first defendants were a colored boy and girl. They had been arrested at 2 o'clock Sun- day morning. The officer testlfled he had heard shouta and made both arrests. Telling his side, the young man stated that to reach hia room In the house, where the arrests were made, he had to go through the eirl's room. That he had permission of the landlady to do so, but that on this morning the gid refused to allow him to pass through her room, saying he was drunk. He was not drunk, the boy .nfbrmed the court. Asked by the Judge where he lived, the boy gave an address the court ■tated which was two miles away from the girl's home. When telling her story the girl stated that she was afraid of the boy ■o she kept a unife in the room and when he tried to push hia way into he^ room she threatened to use it on him. Finally, she said, he did get Into the room when she shot at him. "You shot nim with a knife?" asked Judge Leonard. "I certainly did, Judge, and I will do it again if he tries to get fr^eh with me." Further ?nqi-ir> hrough out that the younR man had been tipped off he Might find the vorng womai entertaining a companlor. in her com fho probable cause. "You shouldn't be wandering around In ladles' apartments S( 'ar away from home at \ !n t\" a:orning," comm«rte«1 Judge Leonard, as he added %lh and 3 days Giving the same sentence to the young woman, the Judge siid: "That s foi shcotInK with a knife." At, both walked toward the dock, the girl screamed: "I'll kill him v.hen I get out." .../■.,<.: wedding gown similar to than used by the star. So the single called up Jeff Davis, who booked the tr>'out, and had them taken oft for the 3ight show, ao that their single performance didn't catch any of the bookers. The same woman stor was rebuked because she bawled the orchestra out In a speech. Her soreness is supposed to have been caused by the fact that Trini, the Spanish artist, was billed over her. Wallace Eddinger's vaudeville sketch, "Things Could Be Worse." last week at he Palace, New York, has been shelved temporarily, as the star ...pens Friday night in Stamford, Conn., with hi(> wife. Margaret Lawrence, in George C. Tyler'a "Spindrift." It ia probably one of the or.!y cases on record where an act was written with the knowleuge. both by star .ino author, that it wiulc be played but one week. Eddinger was offered the Palace date preparatory to returning to the legit, providing he could secure a satisfactory playlet. He asked Edwin Burke to turn out one for him. The turn was liked by both critics and bookers and seems assured of a route should Eddinger ever return with it He has made a friendly agreement with Burke fo hold the act for him should the new legit show prove short-lived. It is more or less of a 'between the flops" proposition, but should Eddinger strike a real lasting hit in this or any subsequent legitimate engagements, Burke is at liberty to give the sketch to someone else. Elsie Janis pulled a graceful stunt at the Oithedral fund midnight 9how at the Hip Saturday when she Introduced Cissy Loftus as "the world's greatest impersonator." Miss Janis, directrest of both the Hip and Palace shows, was Introduced first, and instead of doing her usual imitations immedlatrly. Miss Janis begged to be allowed to introduce .Vliss Loftus. The kl^s that the pair of world's famous 'rtlsts exchanged on the stage seemed to be one of real affection. Ther. Miss Janis dis- appeared, allowing Mis. Loftus to g^ into her performance. Incidentally, the Hip show was gotten ui, in 24 hours' notice, after a telegram had been recetveu late Friday from E. F. Albee in Florida, authorizing the use oi ttw big house as well as the Paiace. A gross of $2,700 at $2.60 top was secured at the Hip, largely through 'ast-min it; newspaper work ana the use of a score of sandwicn men who paridec the city all day Saturday The show was JOCKe.! by Mes.<!rs. Lues?he ind Schultz, ran nearly three hours, held 17 sta? actb, and was gre i entertainment. The Palnc* pla>(-.d tc capacity. Last Thufsday at the Franklin a two-act was trying out for the day. A woman Jazz singft- w«s on the ^ame bill .and resented the two-arts' presence because in one o^ Iheif; numbers the woman pf the turn used a When Alex Pantaf;*!- :akes over May 1 the Orpheum, Portland, Ore .t «tll nor be the Orphium circuit's theatre, as the name might sug- «e8t The Orpheum circuit (jprrently plays its vaudeville bills in Portland t the Orpheum-Hedig. An unusual condltlcn came up last week when the DeForest phono- nims was booked In for the Audubon (Fox), uptown New York. It appears that the Pav. Specht subject, which the De^ oreat made with the band before th^ camera and loud speaker, was shown and there alsc was a Jazz band on the bill. The Specht "num»)er' simply ruined the other l)and to such an extent the management made a special arrangement with the DeForest offices whereby the contract for the Specht subject could be altered ao that it could be wlthdrav/r and played later. This change was agreeable to who picture people, -s^ ■II. . <■ .' t . , . !■,..<,(. ..!,.-.. HEARST IN LEGIT (Continued from page 1> kick comes i. Not only did the Hearst .papers give "Loui#' special apreada, but McLean'a "Poat" alao fell Into lin« with a couple of special stories with news heada on them that were* "wows." It ia true that Zlcgfeld broke all recorda at the National, but in that the other managers find no compla^t—it'a the record- breaking grabbing of publicity that haa gotten them. The local managers did not mind it so much when solely confined to Cosmopoli- tan pictures, but now that Hearst has reached out into the legit end they're ready to go to the mat on the proposition. It was a grand clean-up in every respect for Ziegfeld and must have compensated him for the flop of "The Comic Supplement" here at the same house but a few weeka ago. Willie Howard at Poll's and Henry Miller at the Belasco did not fare so well, seemingly gaining nothing, even from the overflow from the National. Th Howard show jot fairly gooi notices, but all seemed to place it in the "one man show" class. Mr. Miller's niece is stated to give him great opportunities, but if he doesn't do more businesj than was attracted ;iere it cannot possibly last very long. Estimates for Last Week National—"Louie, the 14th." Broke all records for National. Lent meant nothing. At least $40,000 at $4 top. Poli'a—Willie Howard in "Sky High." Estimating $18,000. Ex- tremely liberal even at $3.50 top. Belasco—Henry Miller in '"After Love—?" Not what expected. Fact that so many tryouts have appeared at the Belasco must have kept gross down. AlMUt $5,000. h> j-'hitAiMS!^ t^ii