Variety (Dec 1929)

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10 VARIETY PICTURE GROSSES Wednesday, December 11, 1929 'Kiss' $29,000 in L A.-Towii's Slump Uoyd Ends1)angerV Stay for 2d Rons Los An&eles, Dec. lOi (Drawing Population, 1,500,000) Weather: Fair Town slumped generally last <reek but tljere were Individual box office performances of note. "Tl>e Kiss" made enough buzz to gather 129,000 at Loew's State, a Garbb strong spot. Harold Lloyd refused to allow ''Welcome Danger" to hold a fourth spot after an unexpectedly good third stanza at the Paramount because of lei desire to protect sub- sequent ^ runs against downtown milking. Estimates for'Last'Week ' Boulevard (Fox) "Shanghai Lady" (U) (2,164; 2o-50)i Okay for neighborhood; $7,800, ' Carthay Circle (Fox) "Rio Rita" j:Radio) (I>5p0;,o0-$L50) (3di week>. Averagely gop'd, ^, for. . house and length of engagement; ■ ?15,000i •Chinese (Fox) "Condemned" (UA) (2/028; :50-$1.5O) (1st week). Opened Thursday night to $5 top with around f3,500 in house; radio broadcast evidently Beared away some . of the studio .mob as «.t-- tCQdance light, in view of concen- trated publicity ^ four . day total, $14,300. . Criterion (Pox) "It's a Great Life" (M-G) (1,600; 25-75) (2d week). Three weeks enough for Duncan picture; last week $13,000; "Hallelujah" (M-G) In Saturday for " second downtown run; pre- viously it Palace for $1.50. Egyptian (tJA-S'bx) . "The Vir- Sjlnfan" (Par) (1,800; 25-7fi). Big fter«> at. $13,200 following smash downtown run>^at Paraniount In Nor vember.' • Palace (Fox) "They Had to See Pai'ls" (Fox). (1,160; 50t$1.6B) (2d week). Popularity of this brie has been commented On fully before; got $9,200 last week and another to go on. second reserved seat .en- gagement. State (LoeW-Fox) "The Kiss" (M-G), silent, (2,042; 25-$l). Did $29,000. . Paramount (Pubilx) "Welcome Danger" (Par) (3,595; 25-75) . (3d and'final week). Collected .$27,000 on third week for about $100,000, on engagement; star vetoed. fourth •tiieek on behalf., of: setond and third. Tiins.' •. • R. K • O —" Her Private Affair " (Pttthe) (2,950; 30-65). Taude back and no sensation; $17,000. United Artists (Pubi-UA) "The Trespasser" (UA) (2,100; 25-$l) fSth- and final week). Extremely i;ood showing; quit to $12,200. Wdrners Downtown (WB) "Evi- dence" (WB) (1,800; 50-75). Soli- tary. vree'k, $16,000; about CQualUng "Wai^ners' expectations when giving It short 'booking. . Warners Hollywood (WB) "Great Divide" (FN) (2,756; 25-75) (1st a,nd final week). Another stbP- gSip', average $19,000. "iShow of ShowjB" (WB) Deo. 23 at iDowntown "W^arners lijstead of liere. "RITA"TACOMA RECORD |13|8C0 at RKO-^"Mighty" Good at $4,300—"Footlights". Fair Tacoma, Dec. 10, (Drawing Population, 125,000) Weather: Rain "Rio Bita" at $13,800 broke the EKO record last week, Estimates-for Last Week Pantages (RKO) (1,500; 60-60)' •fBio Rita"'(Radio). Mat price up two. bits; no vaude; $13,800, recox'd Blue Mouse (Hamrlck> (650; 25- 60)—"Footlights and Fools" (FN) Pair at $5^000.- '■ Rialto (irbx (1,250; 25-60)—"The Mighty" (Par.). $4,300. Colonial;, (Fox) (860; 26-35.-50)— "Ima^ne My Embarrassment'" Fox). Did $2,800. Cut Premiere Top Ilollywdod, Dec. 10. After "The Rogue Song*' at the Chin© s e. which follows "Con demned," $5 openings will be a tiling of the past at this house. The $5 premieres have not gone big of late, receipts on the last two open ings here not exceeding $3,500 in a house Which seats 2,100. Fox Coast figured $2.50 in future, With this scale also applying to the Carthay Circle. MONTREAL 'WAY OFF; 'COLLEGE' BEST, $17,500 ^ (Drawing Population, 600,000) Weather: Very cold . Montreal, Dec. 10. Everything fl^opped, and Uk^ily be- cause of Christmas shopping. Peo- ple how skiing and skating instead of theatrlng, too; About three weeks before the winter usually starts In this burg. Isn't confined to pic-, tures, .as the drive for Jewish chari- ties is $100,006 short, and even hockey crowds't so good. . Pdlace -led the main stem with $1'7,500 on "So This Is College." Too malny college . stories recently, though this one above average, "The Virginian" provided something comparatively new and looked at first like taking all the coin in town. But it collapsed, totalling just a fair $16,000. ' Considerably mauled by the cen-!- sors, "Her Private Affair" went over fairly well . at the> Princess for around $10,000- .Vaude took nearly all the gross of $10,000 at the Im- perial, "The Wagon : Master*.' not counting for much. Orpheum* on first, week in sound, scored italrly with "Broadwa'y Scandal?," collect-, ing close to $5,000 with 56-cent top. Neighborhoods all below normal. Estimates for Last Week Palace (FP) (2,700; 40-75)—''So This Is College" (M-G). Better than usual college picture, but fans fed up; just fair at'$17,500. : Capitol (PP) (2^700; 40-6&)—"The Vlrglnlian" (Par), Best in town, but nothing could bring the'fans in; $16,000 much below what It would have grossed in normal week. Uoew't (FP) (3,200; 35-ftO)—"Re- turn of Sherlock Holmes" (Par). Popular house only just held up against general islump; lOw at $14,- 000.. Princess (CT) (2,300; 30-5B)— "Her Private Affair" (Pathe). Cen sors mauled this one, but went over fairly; $10,000. Imperial (FP) (1,900; 35-60)— "Wagon Master" (FN). Vaude good make around $10,000. brpheum (CT) (1,200; 40-50)— "Broadway Scandals" (Col). Had bad Tuck to open , sound in poor week, but fans supported to about $5,000. Roxy . (Ind) (600; 50)—"Prince and Dancer,'? silent (World-Wide). Fair; around-$3,000. Hnnt Film Capacity in Chi, $10,000; • 9 JOE BROWNING Presenting "A Timely Sermon" : Assisted by Joe Browning, Jr. This week, liec. 6, State Theatre, Cleveland, in Charles Nigge-Meyer's "Marathon Frolics." Directron 'Abe Las.tfogel, Harry Lenetska^ William Morris Agency. R.-K.-0..directioh, Morcis A Feil. M-G's'CoH^e'at $4,900; 2 WB's $7,000~Deiiver Denver, Dec. 10. (Dr*awihg Population, 400,000) Weather: Snow and Cold Three-day storm and severe cold ciidn't help grosses. "Rio Ritia," pulled exceptionally well for a second week at the Tabor in spite of the weather. "Gold Diggers," sent to the Amer ica after three weeks at the Ala;d- dln,. continued to draw and the Rialto pulled well with "So This Is College." Hookup with papers on "College Capers," dancing contest, helped. Estimates for Lat% Week Aladdin (Indie) (1,500; 35-50-75) "So Long Letty" (WB). Better than last" week; $7,000. America (Indie) (1,500; 20-35-50) "Gold Diggers of Broadway"^ (WB). Good enough to hold over; $7,000. Denham (Indie stock) (1,800; 25 60-75-$l) "A Free Soul." Not so good; $3,900. Denver (Publlx) (2,300; 26-40- 65) "Half Way to Heaven" (Par) Just an average week; $18,800.. Rialto (PuhliX) (1,040; 25-40-50) "So This Is College" (M-G). Itlds fiocked to this one and ran gross to $4,900. Tabor (Indie) (2,200; 25-40-60 75) "Rio Rita" (Radio) (2d week) With fair weather, mteht have beaten house record of $18,000 of first week; second week strong at $12,000. Bargoiin Xmas Qift [nmrv For Two (2) Years, $15, Sent Anywhere Nothing beats "Variety" for a steady present to show folkst'frionds. or, relatives interested In the show business at home or abroad One Year's Subscription (Regular Price), $10 Two Years (Special Price), $15 HOLDS GOOD UNTIL NEW YEAR'S Philadelphia, Dec. 10. Expected and traditional . pre- holiday slumi^ bit last week and result was that grosses eased down from $3,000' to $15,000, depending on capacities. Only pne or two excep- tions. • ' Mastbaum typified the situation with a drop from $56,000 to $40,000 on "Marianne," despite good no- tices. But the crash of the weelc, and one of the surprises of the season, was "Paris" a,t the Stanley. This one opened, strongly Thanksgiving, held satisfactorily Friday, but after that it slid sharply, and was taken out in th^ middle of last week after $15,000. Shortest run of any pic- ture at the Stanley^since it changed policy a year and a half ago. "Rio Rita," completing a six weeks at the ErIanger, slid, off alarmingly to less than $16,000. "Disraeli," in Its sixth and final week at the.Aldlne, dropped to $13,- 500 and was taken off Saturday night. House will be dark two weeks, "General Crack" following Christmas day. Exceptions to the slump were the Fox and the Boyd. Former had "•Flight," which got nice notices and looked so strong at the start that it was figured a |posslble holdover. However, that Idea was dropped later, although iweek was better than $31,000,° exceptionally good for an off week. "Glorifying the Amer- ican Girl," although panned by most of the reviewers, got off to a good start at the Boyd for just under $29,000. The Little Arcadia, indie house, reported fine trade with its first pic- ture, "Cockeyed World." For a 600- seater $5,600 looked very good. Estimate^ for Last Week . Mastbaum (4.800; 35-50-75)— Marianne". (M-G). Big disappoint- ment arid ireflected general slump; oft $16,000 to $40,000. Lowest in al- most two months here. Fox (5.000; 90)—"Fiight" (Col). Good trade and almost strong enough to warrant a second week; decided against at last minute; $31,- 000. Aldine (1,500; 50-76-$l-$1.50) — "Disraeli" <WB) (6th week). En- gagement ended Saturday night, and satisfactory; way oft to $13,500. Fox- Loeust (1,800; $1.50)—"Sunny Side Up" (Fox) (6th week). An- other long atayer which slid; but still looks strong enough to ride thi'ough to holidays, ^nd perhaps longer; $14,000. Erlahger (1,900; 35-30-75)—I'RIo Rita" (Radio) (6th week). Another that dipped sharply; claimed around $16,000 and .engagement ended Fri- day night, "Jazz Heaven" (Radio) following. Earle (2,000; 60-75)—"So Long Letty" (WB). Around $20,000, $5,000 under-receht--average.--^---^=-^^_^ ■> Boyd (2,400; 35-50-75)—"Glorify ing the American Girl" (Par) (1st week). Although panned by dailies, business good at $29,000. Stanley (3,700; 35-60-76)—"Paris" (FN). Terrible disappointment Taken off after one week; $15,000. Stanton (1,700; 36-60-75)—"Four Feathers" (Par) (2d week), Off to $8,000 in second and last week of second run. Karlton ,(1,400; 50)—"A Most Im 'LOVE PARADE'S' FRISCO HOUSE RECORD, $23,300 San Francisco, Dec. 10. In the small! St. Francis "Love Pa- rade" was the b. 0. winner of the week, capping ail : previOus intake records for, this theatre. Starting time shoved ahead to nine ai. mi. and matinees ,as heavy as nights. Prac- tically all femme trade, but plenty o? it. : Other, two Publlx houses didn't fare so well. "Footlights and Fools," at Granada, very light, and "Taming of Shrew," California, for a second week, slipped to average. "Fox, with "The Kiss." drew heavy opeping trade, but slumped. Embassy got a surprise when "Gold Diggers" was announced to hold over • again. Sudden spurt caused management to hold. for an eighth week.- ^!RiO Rita," in six weeks at the pi'pheum, has grossed $100,0,82. ^sti mates for Last Week Fox (Fox) (5,000; 50-65-r75^$l)— 'The Kiss" (M-G). Opiened sur- prisingly big, but slumped as week progressed r $32,000; - hot enough here. Warfield (Fox) (2,672; 50-65-90)— "Cockeyed -vyorld" (Fox). Still showed pulling power in fifth week;, off, but $16,000. Granada (Publlk) (2,698; 35-50- 65-$l) — "Footlights . and Fools" (FN). A dud; opeped light and rest of week poor; closed to $14,000. California (Publlx) (2,200; 35-60r 65-90)—"Taming of the Shrew" (UA). Second week a disappoint- ment; attendance about that of or- dinary subject, $18,900. Sti Francis (Publlx) (1,375; 35- 50-65-90)—"Love Parade" (Par). Sensation of the town for business; matinee business of femmes unpre- cedented; copped record of house, $23,300. ' . Or^iheum (RKO) (2,270; 50-65)— "Rio Rita" (Radio). Bo.w^d out af- ter sl:t weeks; final, six days, $10.- 000; originally booked for thr^e weeks* • ■ ■ ■ Embassy (Wagnon) (1,365; 50-66- 90)—"Gold Diggers" (WB). An- nounced to leave, took sudden spurt and held for eighth week; $10,000. ' Davies (Wagnon) (1,150; 35-50- 65-90)—"Mr. Antonio" (Tiff). Car- rillo's name . a draw here; feature clicked from opening day; $8,300. Casino (Ackerman & Harris) (2,400; 40-50)^"Song of Kentucky" (Fox), stage show. Opened fairly and drew satisfactorily; with stage show aid, $10,000. WASH. FEELS PRESSURE; 'PRIVATE AFFAIR' $6,500 Washington, Dec. 10. (White Population, 450,000) Weather: Very cold) Lowest mess of grosses recorded in months. Christmas is almost here. Loew houses, with Par. films, were the only two showing anything in the way of business. This was credited to "The Mighty," at the Palace, and "The Virginian." at the Columbia. Latter held for a -second week. "Welcome Stranger," at the Met, had the kids back in school and the second week was not so hot. Fox had '.'Seven Faces" arid Paul Muni in person for a fair total. Estimates for Last Week Columbia (Loew)—"The Vir- ginian" (Par) (1,232; 35-50). Nice week to considerable interest; about $14,000 and holds over. , . . Earle (S-C-Warner)—"Evidence" (WB) (2,244; 36-50). Not so good; picture origlrially booked for 'the Met; favorable corriment, however; just over.$10,000. Fox (Fox)—"Seven Faces" (Fox) Paul Muni in person (3,434; 35-60- 75). About average at something, like $16,500. Met (S-C-Warner) — "Welcome Stranger" (Par) (1,585; 36-50). Sec- ond week a decided drop; just about half of first stanza; maybe $9,800. Palace (Loew)—"The Mighty" (Par) stagv. show (2,3.63i 35-50-60).. House back in stride; Bancroft a bet here; $22,000. . Rialto (U)—"Her Private Affair" (Pathe). (1,978; 36-50). Pathe films getting something above normal here; Ann Harding credited with the ini5ffo =flaaitiorrtn-$6;600 RKO (Keith's)—"Rio Rita" (Ra- dio) (1,923; 35-50). Foui'th .week and no complaints; $7,500. moral Lady" (FN). Fairly good at $4,500. Arcadia (600; 30-50)—"Cockeyed World" (Fox). Now indie house re- ported fine start with third down- town showiniB of this comedy; around $5,600 at pop scale. Chicago, Dec. 10,. Successful freak items last week.- Orie was a Siamese pair at the State-Lake, and the other the indie "Hunting Tigers in India" at the Studebaker. Chicago had its beat' week in months at $54,450 for "Un- tamed." "So 'This Is College" gave the Orl, ental but.. $32,200, and "Sweetie" folded In its second week at Mc- Vicker's to a bad $26,700. Three long run houses changed- pictures last week. At McVick^r's "Disraeli" stays until Christmas, "Gold Diggers, of Broadway," after three excellent weeks, slumped sua; denly on its fourth* .Roosevelt stanza and was yanked, "Romance of the Rio Grande", substituting. "Tres- - passer" left after a progi^hle stay, and -."Three Live Ghosts,'* replaced at the United Artists. . "Racketeer," . at the State-^Lake;' played second fiddle to.the Godlnp Twins, although the picture drevr fair .notices. "Rio Rita" has one more week at the Woods, to be re- placed hy '-'Great Gabbo;*' Indie pic- ture is booked in for oply 11 days and the toughest week of the ;year, just before Xmas. "Gabbo" then scrariis for. "Vagabond Loyer," which will come in to gi'ab the holi-- day gravy. Estimates for ^ast Week Chicaga (Publix-B & K)—"Un- tamed" . (M-G), ^tage; show (4,400V 50-85). Surprised with $54,450; best for hOuso in months. McVioker'a (Publix-B & K)— "SweeUe" (Par) (1,866; 50-85). Aiuoiig mAin disappointriients of the year; flopped at long run spot, do-, ing but $26,700 in second week and out; about an $8,000 dip. Monroe (Pox) —"Salute" (Fox) (1,120; 50-75). Returri to the loop and satisfactory; $4,300. Oriei\tal (Publix-B & K)—"So This Is College" (M-Q)> stage show (3.6001. 50-85). House has. been in . A bad slump for more than a month; this film, couldn't do .anything about it; good notices but little resporii^*; $32,200. Orpheum (Warner) — "Forward Pass" (FN) (799; 50-75). Namea of Doug Fairbanks, Jr., and Loretta Ypung credited. Very "good at $8;-. 000. Roosevelt (Publlx-B & K)—"Gold Diggers" (WB) (1,600; 50-85). Sudf denly slipped five grand on fourth week; yanked to riiake room for pictures jammed up for dates; $17,- 360, "Romance of Rio Grande?. (Fox) current. State-Lake (RKO)—"Racketeer* (Pa;the) and vaude (2,700; 50-75)« Siamese Twins gave this house ex- ■ cellent- money week; better than- usual, $31,000. Studebaker (Insull) — "Hunting Tigers in India" (Talking Pict Epics) (1,298; 50-$1.50). Money honey of town at present; drew rave notices and -perfect response; for six days capacity; a nifty $10,000; usual auspices: a big factor. United Artists (Publix-UA)-* "Trespasser" (.UA) (1,700; 50-85). Coiislstently good from start though dropped near the line in final last week; $18,600. Woods (RKO) — "Rio Rita" (Radio) (1.200; 50-85). Stays seven more days to make it eight weeks; $14,000. NO VARIETY TO PTLD. FILM HOUSE BOOKINGS Portland, Ore.. Dec. 10. Town full of film comedy last week. Due to runs, bookings have got out of line. Result is all drama one week, and all comedy the next.. The only serious picture, "Ma- donna of Ave. A.," at the Blue Mouse. dicTi better than ordinary on, that accounti Estimates for Last Week . Broadway (Fox) (2^000; 25-60) "So This Is College" (M-G). Good program comedy film; $12,000. United Artists (Parker-Fox) (V 200; 25-60) "iVIarianne" (M-G). Registered okay at $9,000. Alder (Parker-Fox) (1,200; 25-50) "Married in Hollywood" (Fox). Operetta proved good program; $4,500. Portland (Publix) (3,500; 26-60) "Paris'.' (FN). Just light; $7,100.^ Rialto (Publix) (2,000; 25-60) "Most. Immoral Lady" (FN). AM right; $4,000. Music Box (HamriGk) (2,000; 25-! 50) "The Sap" (WB). Laugh get- ier-.^S£nt-Wgli;^8,500';- _ Blue Mouse (Hamrick) (W;''?°r" 50) "Madonna of Ave. A" (WB). Only dramatic film in town; oke at $4,500. ; ^„ Orpheum (RKO) (2,000; 2o-60) "Oh, Yeah" (Radio) and vaude, Fair for $10,500. Oriental (Tebbetts) (2.700; 25-35) "Evangeline." Back for re-run, not bad at $6,000. Dufwin (Duffy) (1.400; 25-$l-25)' Duffy Players in "That Ferguson Family." Steady; $4,700,