Variety (Dec 1929)

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Wednesday, Decembci' 11, tt29 PICTURE GROSSES VARIETY 11 I, $20,S00; Didn't take long for "Love Pa- rade" to pass a given point, that Dblnt belnff the high-water mark for receipts at the Criterion at $20 500. LAst week ihe ; Chevalier picture was about the only Broad- way attraction, $2 or grind, with the exception of "Shrew," which unmis- takably indicated command of the December situation. Even the Palrbanks-Pickford pic- ture, after taklni? the opening week- end record at the Rivoll, failed to equal existing figures for the com- plete week. Elsewhere grossiea were Bpbtty, although not bad enough to caili for liniment. "Appla,use" stumbled at the Paria- mount on $67,600, and "The River," at the Roxy, was not distinguished with $96;ijfl0. By a;dvahcing its opening da:^ lo Thanksgiving, Strand secured the double advantage pf a new attraction on a holiday, giving "Forward Pass" a natty $38,500. Little ■ change In the $2 section. "Disraeli," in the smaller Cieniral, is holding up, while "General Crack" started neatly. : Estimates for Last Week Aster—"Hollywood,Revue" (M-G) (1,120; $l-$2) (17th week). This week and- next washes up five months' engagement; around $11>'- 000. Carroll—"Rio .Rita'r (Radio) (988; $l-$2) (10th M^eek). Will go . right through holidays; "Hit the DeCk" (Radio) hot ready biefore, January; on ninth week, around $14,000. Capitol—"Untamed" (M-t^) (4,620; 35-50-75-$l.S0)- At $73,600, okay; expected to stay , two weeks. "Song of Love" (Col) current. Central — "Disraeli" (WB) (922; $1..$2) (10th week). Lessened ca- pacity will be felt; apF>arently stUl all right; beat $17,600. Cohan — "Hunting Tigers" (Col) (1,400; $l-$2). Same auspices, as "Simba" (Welsfelt-Wilson), but to be.', handled outside New Tork by Columbia; opened Monday. • Colony—"Hearts in Exile" (WB) (1,900; 35-50-76). Dolores CostellO picture fair here; $12,600, ' Criterion — "Love Parade" (Par) (&62; $l-$2) . (4th week). Amdng ee£tsbn's big $.2 pictures; climbed to- $20,500, Well over house record. -' Embassy—^"Newsreel House"(Fox- Hearst) (668; 25). Spurted last week, with credit given to Army- 'Notre Dame clip; around $9,000. Gaiety—"Sky Hawk" (Fox) (808; $l-$2). Sudden decision brings in air picture for flash Broadway showing before Fox lease expires at end of month; "Suhnyslde Up" fin- ished ninth week to.-$16,200; could have gone two months more; "Hawk" opens tonight (Wednes- day), .Globe — "Vagabond Lover" (Ra- aio) (1,066; $l-$2) (3d week). Radio experimenting by turning house into extended run; pop scale similar to Rlvoli and Rlalto; "Dance Hall" (Radio) opens Saturday; "Vaga- bond" around $13,000. Paramount — "Applause" (Par) (3,665; 35-65-76-$l). Helen Morgan picture didn't register importantly;' lo^vest in some time, $67,600. Rialto—"Trespasser" (UA)' (2,000; 35-50-e5r85) (6th week). Fifth week brought first big drop; $28,300. Rivoli—"Taming of Shrew" (UA) (2,200; 35-50-65-85) (2d week). Very good at $56,600; first count for Fairbanks - PIckford Joint produc- tion. Roxy—"The River" (Fox) (6,206; 60.75-i$l,60). Better .than previous week, but no bouquets; $96,200; pic- ture was at Gaiety last season at $2; revamped with dialog added. . .„Strahd — "Forward Pass" (FN) lo'o®?5' 35-50-75). Nice showing at $38,400, but'had extra day, a holi- •n' V.*"' "Crold Diggers," current, - »*V ® retained second week. ..Warners—"General Crack" (WB) a,360; $l-$2) (2d week). Came in 3; comment generally favor- able, although not unanimous; in four days, $13,500. . Wjf*er Garden—"Show of Shows" (WB) (1,494; $l-$2) (4th week), bpiurge and exploitation value counts in draw; figured into Janu- .ary; last week, $28,300, . MetWOO, B'kip - Brooklyn, Dec, 10, nr^:J , ^-eather, and maybe the ap- f J,? iV Xmas, kept many away irom the local emporiums last week. V,«^^^?*"o"ht had the best of the oqjyntown 'group with "Applause," landnip: for $48,900. Fox suffered >m-=so<>ked--by-the Gcribe^, -Phantom in the House," Estimates for Last Week ftnn.^o-"!.""*—'-'-^PP^ause- (Par) (4,- uuo 3o-o0-75). Fair week at $48,900, /oortft^"? —"Forward Pass" (FN) iJiJl' •?,'L-40-50-60-75). Just so-so. 3-. dn ^ 'Broadway Scandal" (3,577; 3.'-40-.,0-75). Good at $19,900, Pl}antom In the House" (v^nf i Picture Aiu*'^*' n^aybe $25,000. .n^;°«e—"Heart? In Exile" (WB) (<*.-«; 3O-50-60-75), Fair. Faiis Never Give Up According to late statistics on fan mail by Pa,ramount, a considerable amounb is still coming in for Rudolph Valen- tino, dead three years., FOR TOUGH FILM IN TOUGH GOING Toronto, Dec, 10. (Drawing Population,.SOOfOQiO) Weather: Cold anid snow "Cock Eyed World," playing a sec- ond week in bad w6ather^nd facing reyie-vfrs which slung the word "vul- gar", about Idosely, led the towri at $13,000, with a $500 lead over "The Gamblers," at Shea's Hippodrome, and "His Glorious Night," at Loew's. A week of high wind and snow, ahd with Christmas on the horizon, it looked tough. But business built from a slow opening. \ Uptown didn't expect wonders froni "They Ha,d to See Paris," and was satisfied With something over $10,000. Jack Arthur, manager here, now coming back to production in a small way, increasing the orchestra to 30 men. The. Roxy may change hands if the suggested Fox-Loew- Metro Corp. of Canada comes into being. It Is owned by Loew but leased to Famous Players. "Married; In Hollywood" was Just another picture at Pantages. About $9,000. During the week Arthur Cohen, nianaglng director of Famous Players, denied rumors that the pro- p'osed 4,600-seater would not be erected. He said tenants occupying the buildings soon^ to be turned down .had already lieen notified to vacate, and wrecking would start in March. Estimates for Last Week Tivoli (FP)—"Cock Eyed World" (Fox) (1,400; 35-76). Strong on sec- ond week at $13,000; no particular outside help or competitioh; held, over. Loew's—"His Glorious Night" (M- G) (2,300; 30-?0). Good at $12,500, with fair stage show; matinees strong, with Christmas shoppers anxious to'rest the dogs. Shea's Hippodrome (FP)—"The Gamblers" (Pathe). H. B. Warner perisbnally popular here, with stock market angle well exploited, did nicely at $12,600. Uptown (FP)—"They Had to See Paris" (Fox) (3,000; .30-60). Noth-r Ing hot at $11,000. TWO HOUSES $23,700 Buffalo, Dec. 10. (Drawing Population, 500,000) ' Weather: Cold Takings were- oflE another notch at downtown theatres last week. Peculiar feature was that the three downtown Shea hduses were all about the same. Estimates for Last Week . Buffalo (Publlx); (3,600; 30-40- 65) "The Kiss" (M-G). Far from exciting; $23,700. Hipp (Publlx) (2,400; 40-60) "Three Live Ghosts" (UA). Nick Lucas and vaude. " Good week. Lucas getting most of the credit; $19,500. Century (Publlx) (3,400; 40-60) "The Virginian" (Par), First week and good; held for another week; $23,700, Great Lakes (Fox) (3,400; 25-35- 50) "Untamed" (M-G). Just an- other bill; under $12,000. Lafayette (Ind) (3,400; 40-60) "Tanned Legs" (Radio) and vaude. Good show but without returns; around $11,000. *:•'•'' <*:'>:-:*:':-.'^5 >. ^.•■•.•i-y.-y.-i' &> ■ . .< ::>:-.^::.. ROSITA MORENO Nbw in "Pleasure Bounds" The Chicago "Dally News'' s.aid : "Roslta Moreno has divine rhythm a,nd faultless arti The a.udlence imme- diately takes her to its hear^t and the apjplause is loud and vehement. Again and again she is. recalled." Direction' RALPH G. FARNUM 1560 BROADWAY XMAS SLUMP EARLY; 'SHREW $30^000, Pin Pittsburgh, Dec. 10. (Drawing Population, 1,0()6,000) x_ We^ither; Fair and Cold ' •Ario'ther lightweight week. Looks like Christmas slump is early. "Taming of the Shrew" led the town at the Penn but $30,000 indi- cates no . more than ordinary strength. Personal appearance of Charlie King must be credited with some of the draw. Stanley. pulled Pauline Fred- erick's name out of all billing for "Sacred Flame," using* Conrad Nagel and Lila Lee instead: Whether strategy or picture respon- sible, house picked up slightly to about $25,250. "Dlgraeli": went out of the Grand In second. Week to a poor $12,760, helped considerably by cut rate student tickets. Estimates for Last Week Stanley (WB) (3,600; 26-35-60) "Sacred Flame" (WB), At $25,250 and everybody happy; Pauline Frederick, though starred, in press sheets, eliminated entirely from billing, due to previous "Evidence"; notices lauded Miss Frederick ex- clusively. • Penn (Loew's-UA) (3,300; 25-35- 60-75) "Taming of the Shrew" (UA). Okay though not aboVe or- dinary at $30,000; flap crowd at first didn't know whether to laugh or take it seriously; personal ap- pearance all week of Charlie King responsible for some biz. Grand (WB) (2,000; 25-50) "Dis- raeli" (WB). Out quietly in second week to slim $12,750; class trade went for this one but others stayed away; "Glorifying the American Girl" (Par) opened Thursday; makes way for "Show of Shows" (WB) Xmas Day. Aldine (Loew's) (1,900; 35-50) "They Had to See Paris" (Fox). At $14,500 no complaints. Enright (WB) (3,700; 25-35-40- 60) "The Love Racket" (FN). Fair at $16,000 due mainly to Dorothy Mackalll's name. Harris (1,400; 10-20-30-40) "Song of Love" (Col). Nice at $6,000; house making dough. again with vaudfllm policy as against the plenty of red with straight pic- tures. Sheridan Square (RKO) "Rio Rita" (Radio). Excellent at $9,000 In second, week and a holdover; nice exploitation not hurting. %wTeD Of in Seatde,^^^^ feli; 3d Wk//L^^^^^^ Seattle, Dec, 10. (Drawing Population, 525,000) Weather: Fog and rain Doug and Mary did their stuff in •'Shrew" to fair box oflice but not too much praise at the Seattle, ^P.lo-Jlita^'^had--go,od.^£Lecx!ad.^week, at Orpheum, with vaude resuming next week, "Disraeli" had fair third week at the Music Box. Older folks and students strong for it. Estimates for Last Week Seattle (Pub) (3,106; 25-60) — "Taming of Shrew" (UA), Started out like record-breaker but off over week-end; $16,500. Fifth Ave. (Foxf (2.500; 25-00)— "The Kiss" (M-G). Greta was it; $15,100. Fox (Fox) (2,500; 25-60)—"Mari- anne" (M-G). Final week for Sam- pietro, m. c, and Vic Meyers next; good second week tbr Davies film; $5,800. Blue Mouse (Hamrlck) (900; 25- 75)—"So Long Letty" (WB). Lines n^ightlyr $9,200. , _^ _^ M usioJBox (Samr^^ 25^' 75)—"Dl.sraeli" (WB). Good third week; $7,700. Coliseum (Fox) (1,800; 25-50)— "The Vikings" (Fox). 'Liked for $3,300. Orpheum (RKO) (2,700; 25-60)— "Rio Rita" (Radio). Second week and bfg; $16,800. President (Duflty) (1,800; 25- $l-,25 —"The Skyrocket" (stock). Building slowly. May Robscm next week an guest star; $3,200. Midland, L C, Resents M. C in Unit, . S. G.: Mainstreet After 15 Year Hollywood, Dec. 10. George Krelly's playlet, "A Flattering Word," for 15 years without a squawk from minis- ters. In pictures Its different. Kicks are coming in .plenty to Warners from clergymen who resent being satirized by this short. BALTO OFF ALL OVER; mGINIAN'HIGH'N'LOW Baltiniore, pec. 10. (Drawing Population, 850,000) Weather: Bad Keith's went all-sound Sunday, leaving the Century and combo Hipp the only first run houses in town still serving tunes with inur sicians on the hoof. Reason for, dropping the orchestra at this house was "Rio Rita" as a follow-up on Its four weeks at the Auditorium, The Hipp, where small time acts are used to trim a tab, fiow the only theatt-e here serving vaude. Whether the all-sound policy will be perma- nent at Keith's is speculatio... It's announced Just for the "Rio" run, Pre-holiday slump is being felt more this year thai> last. Business picked up around mid-week, but a mild Saturday drew crowds out- doors for the final football game. Century slipped badly with "Foot- lights and Fools," getting the low- est Intake of the year. The Stanley, with "Young Nowheres," was also 'way below par. Keith's, with "Red Hot Rhythm," just fair, while the Rlvoli was Just so-so with ::For- ward Pass." "Gold Diggers" was in Its seventh week at ,the Met and is now in t!i» eighth, being but one week sh jrt of tying "Singing Fool's" record at the same stand. Estimates for Last Week Auditorium (Schanberger^)—"Rio Rita" (Radio) (4th week) (1,672; 25c.-$l). Ideal booking to launch this theatre as a deluxq talker stand On a reserved seat four-show-dally policy; everything now depends on calibre of succeeding films; "Jazz Heaven" (Radio), cux-rent; last week about $12,000, Century (Loew)—"Footlights and' Fools" (FN) (3,200; 25-60). Colleen Moore apparently slipping at b. o. here; bad.. weather Monday, and downward trend contributed to low- est week of year; near $17,500, Stanley (Lowe, Stahley-Crandall) —"Young Nowheres" (FN) (3,600; 25-60). Critics turned In favorable reports, but failed to. successfully fight the general slump; near $14,- 000, Rivofi (Wilson Amusement Co,)— "Forward Pass" (FN) (2,100; 25- 60). Oft to good start, .but hot strong enough to offset unfavorable weather first half; finished well, with big house night before football game; $7,500 or $8,000, New (M, Mechanic)—"Vagabond Lover" (Radio) (1,500; 25-50). Started big Saturday, Vallee being well advanced by radio; general dis- appointment, however, and' word-of- mouth comment not wholly favor- able on picture; in for two weeks, however; about $10,000. Valencia (Loew, UA)—"The Vir- ginian" (Par) (1,200; 25-50). No riot at the Stanley and ditto here; maybe .$2,6il)0. Parkway (Loew, UA)—"The Vir- ginian" (Par) (1,000; 15-35). Form reversal on its day-and-date book- ing with Valencia; in this house a sell-out almost throughout; $4,000. Keith's (Schanbergers)—"Red Hot Rhythm" (Pathe) and vaude; (2,500; 35-60), Lkst week of combo, policy for the present; all- sound Monday; weather and Xmas shbpping hurt; only fair at about $10,000. 2 OVER $40,000, BOSTON "Half Way" and "Sunnyside"— "Big News," $21,000 Boston, Dec. 10. (Drawing Population, 850,000) Weather: Stormy. Keith Memorial was strong again the past week with or a bit better than $40,000 on "SUhnysIde Up," Metropolitan and IJ^Half Way J.o iredV-e"n'^~stelfped off a iieafT-i-.^OO-" Estimates for Last Week Met (Publlx) (4,380; 50-75) "Half Way to Heaven" (Par). Good at $4::, ('00. . ■ Keith.-Mo.Tiorial (AMd: n.'i-S0-60> •'Siidiiy.siilf (.'p' (1-'iiX). Biz for 5 lO.UOO. :^.. Kcith-Albee .-n-iiH) "Big N.ffiul^-'). y.-i;-;v'>;j ! I) 11. Loew's' State • i4,i;0ii: --50) ' The Lo'ked l)o„v" (M-f;j, N'.jt so forle at $15,T00. Kansas City, Dec, IQ, After a week of pretty fair.vaude, with which Loew's Midland in- augurated its new policy, the .second jjtage show had ITanchon and Marco's "Gobs of Joy." Viewing, the show twice to get the audi- ence-reaction, it's evident that Mid- land's patrons dp -not want unit show. Customers: apparently don't want an m, c,- to. tell them when to apiilaud and deserving turns suf- fered accordingly, , Picture, "Mari- anne," also failed to create enthu- siasm. Week opened well Saturday, was good Sunday and then .slumped. At the Mainstreet Ted Lewis' ba;nd and "Tanned Legs" had tum- aways at many of the -perform- ances, Newman offered"Broad- way," and while the press was a bit unkind, picture suffered niostly from the title, as the Broad\vay thing, has been worked to deatli here. Estimates for Last Week Loew's Midland—"Marianne" (M- G) (4,000; S5-35-50.-60). For some reason Marlon Davies has never been much of a draw here; this engager ment didn't change the situation; •'Gobs of Joy" (P. & M,), with Ar- thur West as m: c, on stage; 'hot good at $16,000, Mai n a t r e e t —"Tanned Legg" (Radio) (3,200; 25-35-50'-60). Fea- ture frothy affair but passed; "Ted Lewis the draw; good at $22,000,. Newmanr—"Broadway" (U) (1,- 890; 25-35-50-60). Critics picked on picture but business off becailise of title; $13,000, ■ : ' Pantages—"Dark Streets" (FNV (2,200;. 25-35-50), A natural for thriller lovers and they ate It up; stage show held up strong; acts are being booked direct for this house and seem to be better than when coming off the old Pan circuit; $12,- 600, Royal—"The Virfeinlaii'V (Par) (840; 25-35-50-60). Second week for picture at the Royal, and the third in town; $5,500, nice. SEASONAL SLUMP HITS lHINN-$26,200 IS TOP Minneapolis, Dec. iO. (Drawing Population, 500,000) Weiather: Favorable Pre-Chrlstmas slump has set In early and with a veng:eanci9. Aided and abetted by a general business depression,. It is playiner havoc with grosses. Considering" the excellence of attractions, film patronage is any- thing but what It should be. Because of a show storm' Sunday, last week got off to a bad start, and zero temperatures Monday and Tuesday didn't help; • ♦ Added attractions are aiding the herculean- exploitation - efforts to. keeip the Minnesota at a profitable level. "Welcome Danger'^ did nicely at the Century on its second week, but not well enough to warrant re- tention for a third. EHsewhere it's a sad story. Nary a house, aside from the Minnesota and Century, experienced anything remotely re- sembling a rush. E8timatea..for Last Weak Minnesota (Publix) (4,300; 75)'— "Untamed" (M-t5). Rublnoff, gUest conductor, undoubtedly a local mag- net and extra attractions brought in trade several nights; $26,000 and okay under circumstances. Century (Publlx) (1,600; 75)— "Welcome Danger" (Par) (2d and final week). Did well enough con- sidering adverse conditions; $11,900 in last seven days. State (Publix) (2,200; ,«0)—"Foot- lights and Fools" (FN), Colleen Moore not much of a draw, here; $7,000 bad. Orpheum IRKO) (2,890; 60)— "Marianne" (M-G). Marion Davies is not box office in this town; about $9,000, bad. Lyric (Publlx) (1.300; 40)—"Skin Deep" (WB), Betty Compson and Monte Blue helped to attract trade; close to $3,»00 all right. Aster (PubllSc) (90b; 35)—"Dark- ened Rooms" (Par). First picture under new first run policy. Away nicely to $2,400, exceeding expecta- tions. Grand (Publix) (1,100; 35)—"Why Bring That Up?" (Par), Second loop run after fortnight at Century and week at uptown Granada; about $2,500 satisfactory. CAMERAMEN ELECTIONS New York Local 644, .Camera- meh'g="Union7-^held :#3^hlrd^aimttai election last week with these re- sults; • Walter Strenge, president; A* Wilson, Harry Wood and Joseph Pergola, vice-pre3ld»?nt3; Walter Lang, secretary; Frank Klrby, treasurer; Bu'ldy Harrlsi, sergeant- at-arms. Trustee.-- choker. Include William Steincr, , Al Gold and Lawrence Fiferlik, . '