Variety (Jun 1930)

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VARIETY PICT U R E S Wednesday, June 4, 1930 Film Critics Box Score At the conclusion o£ "Variety's" third annual tabulation of film critics, Clark Rodonbacli for the Chicago "Dally News," and Reisina CrewQ for the New Tork "Ameri- can," lead their respective cities. Both occupy the top perch for the first time. Quinn Martin, -who won last sea- son with .757, is second In the Man- hattan i-ace this season with .734. He has been well up or out In front all season, and defers to the "Amer- ican's" picker by only seven points. Extending from th© start of June, 1929, to the conclu.sion of May of ' merits In the straddle column and there has been little diminution In the habit taking the reviewers as a group. No Opinions Both In the legit and film box scores the one thing the reviewers have objected to (when objecting) is no opinions. Those who are In "Variety's" viewpoint most guilty are apt to be the firmest In denial of the practice. Necessarily "Va- riety" is more or less arbitrary, making its own rules and inter- pretations, but at lea!3t applying the .same criteria to all. It is felt that Film Critics Box Score Season of '28-'29 LAST YEAR Key to abbreviations: PC (pictures caught), R (right), W (wrong), O (no opinion expressed), Pet. (percentage). NEW YORK PC. Irene-Thirer (News) 155 John S. Cohen, Jr. (Sun).. 132 George Gerhard (Eve. World) 146 Bland Johaneson (Mirror).. 153 Regina Cannon (American) 162 Katherlne Zimmerman (Telegram)... 112 Betty Colfax* (Graphic).....; 124 Quinn Martin (World) i.... 61 Rose Pelswick (Journal).. 138 Creighton Peet (Post) 64 Richard Watts, Jr. (Her. Tribune)... 117 Mordagnt Hall (Times)...'. 130. Margaret Tazelaar (Her. Tribune)... 48 •Julie Shawell. CHICAGO . PC. R, W. Mae Tinee* (Tribune) 136 aiO 22 Genevieve Harris (Post) 127 99 22 Carol Frink (Examiner)., 133 100 23 Clark :Rodenbach (News) 137. 98 24 Porjs Ardent (Journal) 112 ,80 23 Rob Reelt " (American) 129 90 32 • Frances Kurner. t Muriel Vernon, i Hazel Kennedy. PC. R. W. Variety 225 181 44 O. 4 6 10 16 9 7 Pet. .809 .779 .751 .715 .714 .697 Pet. .804 Film Critics'Box Score Season of '27-2S NEW YORK Key to abbreviations: PC (pictures caught), R (right), W (wrong), O (no. opinion expressed), Pet. (percentage). PC. BLAND JOHANESON (Mirror) 91 GEO. GtRHARD (Eve. World) 161 REGINA CANNON (American) 229 JOHN S. COHEN, JR. (Sun) 181 QUINN MARTIN (World) 117 BETTY COLFAX* (Graphic) 171 ALISON SMITH (World) 34 I HARRIETT UNDERHILL | .... 128 MORDAUNT HALL (Times)........ 186 RICHARD WATTS, JR. (Her. Trib.) 107 JOHN K. HUTCHENS (Post) 69 IRENE THIRER (News). 192 JEFFERY HOMESDALE (World)... 33 KATH'INE ZIMMERMAN (Tele.)... 32 * Julie Slunvcll. CHICAGO PC. GENEVIEVE HARRIS (Post) 125 CAROL FRINK (Examiner) 131 ROB REEL* (American) 67 NEWS (unsigned) 102 MAE TINEEt (Tribune) 134 ARTHUR SHEEKMAN (Journal)... 92 *'Hazel Kennedy, t Frances Kurner. (CHIC) (ROSE) YORK and KING Originators of "Tintype" Comedy This week. May 31, R-K-O Palace, New York. "York and King give zest to Palace bill."—N. Y. "TIMES." R-K-O Plrection LEE STEWART this year, "Variety's" film box s^covc is bfised_ on 225 IHnis, the e.\act "■JrtnTiber ad'last season. TJstcd are such pictures as.make the regular Broadway deluxes and $2 .^ihowing.s. Not included are any features fall- in i? to make first runs, AVhIle some reviewers formerly Mgh-ratlng as pickers .show a ten- dency to go Into a more or less per- manent SlUrtip, the outstanding characteristic of the film box score during its first three years is the persistence of no opinions. No re- ■vlewer In New York is without dc- FRANKLIN'S FOX DEAL FOR 5 YRS. , Hollywood, June 3. During the Fox convention here it is reported Harley L. Clarke, president of Fox, offered Harold B. Franklin a new arrangement run- ning five years. Understood that the negotiations have been accepted by Franklin and he will shortly make it binding. Present contract still has 20 months to run. Franklin's title will continue as president of Fox West Coast. At Franklin's personal request a testimonial dinner in his honor has been postponed, probably until July. Press of business prompted Frank- lin to make the request. Kinograms and Sound Kinograms, only silent newsreel now sold in this country, may go sound with the number of noiseless accounts lessening every week. The newsreel ' has hung onto silence with all others going me- chanicar getting , outlet through the large number, of unwired theatres in the U. S. ' * . Kennedy Retainis Pathe Hold Besides 75% of Stock Proxies Stockholders Group Wanted Names and Numbers a "no opinion" is fnlrly self-ovlOont There Is often to believe many reviewers. dollboratcly sidestep an opinion wlieii for one reason or an other they desire, to pull tlioii punches. In other oases a no opinion may proceed from doubt, as when the reviewer's personal feelings confiiot sharply wUh what they suspect is a commercial ju-operty. ICach of the "Cohens and Kcllys" series has aroused much the rsame reaction. Reviewers have either evaded a direct verdict or have grudgingly accorded probable .jyopularity to a picture they personally did not like. "Variety", has tried wbere . con- venient to modify the ptirely box office angle by a consideration sep- arately of the quality of the pro- ductions themselves. This should have the effect of giving the re- viewers a break when slamming pic- tures which are mediofere although possibly profitable. In general the reviewers are dis- posed to be fair or even generous. Smartaleck reviewing is much less prevalent, possibly because the boys and girls are a little older and be cause the wisecrack for its own sake is less urgently required. New in New York Regina Crewe, IThornton Dele hanty and William Boehnel are new to the New York division this year. Julia Shawell, nee Betty Colfax, is under her own name. Mordaunt Hall's score really represents a com bined average, as his assistant, Joe Halpern, Is a busy reviewer, and all notices appear under the Hall billing. Quinii Martin, Bland Johaneson and Ooprge Gerhard have been con- .«!l.stcntly attached to the upper strata, so there is relatively little difCorcnce in the New York bunch Clark Rodenbach has been pre- viously a ccllarite in the Windy City group. He is the first male reviewer over to lead the westerners. Mao Tinee of the Chicago "Trib- une," likewise her Patterson con- feree, Irene Thirer of the New York "Daily News," arc way under their sooi-ings of last season. This has been- explained before as resuUing from "Variety's" altered attitude toward the star-grading reviewing system used by those critics. It was formerly found that under Die j stars an automatic advanlago through the law of average was ob- tained.- To equalize matters "Va- riety" now a\("cept3 two stars or less iis a bad notice, figuring it luke- warm praise tit the best. "Variety's"' fourth annual film critics' box score starts from June 1, continuing a full 12 months. In ads of Par-Publix in the New York Sunday papers the real first names of several w. "k. stars, together with their correct phone numbers, were used for display of programs of "Safety in Numbers," cur- rent at. Paramount, New York. Only first names were used of Nancy Carroll, Renee Carroll (hat check girl at Sardi's), Helen Morgan, Ginger Rogers and Tex Guinan, It Is understood the women knew nothing about use of their first names and phone numbers. Busmess Bureau Denies It's Stalling for Hays With GoriDa Fihn Rap The National Better Business Bu- reau denies that it has turned set- up for the Hays organization in the matter of future banning of pic- tures and plays. A nine-page typed rap on "In- gagi" was • unusual, but simply prompted by "unusual- misrepre- sentation" and culled from com- plaints filed with subsidiary bureaus throughout the country, • it was ^stated. While National declared it has been interested in pictures, espe- cially phoney schools and stock, for the past 10 years, it admitted that the indie gorilla m?.cter was practically in a class by itself. In the case of "Ingagi" National claims it didn't go to Hays until after "educational and scientific centers" registered squawks. Thus no hook-up and National's not adopting a Code of Ethics. Hollywood, June 3. Better Business Bureaus on the coast, urged on by Hays, are going after "Ingagi" on., phoney advertis- ing angle. Bureaus out here have intermittently made drives against picture promoters but this is the first instance of campaigning against a specific production. Rogell's Shorts Hollywood, June 3. Al Rogell will produce six novelty talker shorts for Tiffany. Production will be at Metropol- itan Studios. At the regular annual and ad- journed meeting of Pathe stock- holders in New York next Monday (9), it -will develop that the Ken- nedy-Walker-Mlllbank control of that picture producer, other than holding its actual stock control, has 76% at least, by proxies, of the pre- ferred Pathe stock that a specially organized stockholders' committj;© started to try to obtain last weeji;, it is reported. It is now said the Pathe people have told the antagonistic commit- tee there Is no objection to its rep- resentation on the Pathe board of 15 directors and that the commit- tee may name three. This is undef- stbod to have been practically ac- cepted by the attorneys interested on both sides, although it is riot positive the committee will be rep- resented by counsel at the meeting. Among the names the antagonis- tic committee had in view for Pathe directors were Charles Rogers, Sam Ungerleiter, Marcus Heiman and Frederick W. Ryan,, latter of the committee. Rogers is a picture pro- ducer; Heiman holds bfflce with the Erlanger operation; Ungerleiter la a downtown banker. Banking Stockholders The three directors the commit- tee will name have not been dis- closed. The antagonistic committee hop- ped into print asking for proxies for the 8,000 shares of unlisted Pathe preferred stock, of $100 par (Continued on page 59) PUBLIX TAKING CAN. NEIGHBORHOODERS Montreal, June 3. Sam Katz, president Publix Thea- tres Corporation, stopped over a day In Montreal during last week. Accompanying him were Arthur Cohen and J. J. FitzGlbbons. All main stem managers were seen by Katz and question of amalgamation with . P-P in this city of. United Amusement Co., operating chain of 17 neighborhoods, was taken up. Visit here seen as significant of coming scrap with Fox interests whose invasion of Canadian field now regarded as almost certain. Head office of Publix Paramount in Canada pr.obably be removed from Toronto to Montreal that tak- ing in operation of Famous Players Canadian . houses. Considerable probability of Confederated Thea- tres, controlling five neighborhoods, being optioned by P-P. Code of Ethics for Exchanges and Exhibs Proposed by Chicago Board Chicago, June 3. Film Board of _ Trade has ap- pointed a committee to formulate a code of ethics, Just like the real- tors have. It is understood this local code is the germ of an idea which may bring, about a set of rules for the entire national body. Henry llerbel of Universal, Max Stahl of Educational and Eddie Grossman of United Artists have roughly drafted the code. These rules were considered by the local membership this week. Following the acceptance of the code by the local members of the board, it will be submitted to all bookers and salesmen at a general dinner meeting June 6. Rough di-aft submitted so far contains 10 rules of order and cov- ers tlie,<;e major i)oints: 1. Respect your competitors' ;ip- plioalions for contracts and ap- proved contracts. P.y doing so you are respecting the contracts of your own company. 2. Do not discuss legal pluises of other disti-ibutors' contracts with an exhibitor. 3. Remember that you are repro- .senting the third largest indu.slry in the world. Conduct it on n high plane. 4. Do not be a scandal monger. 5. Observe the credit committee rules to the letter. Days of trickery are over. 6. Remember a contract to'lay. is a legal document that must stand up in any court. Make your con- tracts accordingly. 7. Under no circum.stancos enter into any oral side understnndings. If a written agreement nnist be made other than contained in I'l^ contract, be sure to keep a <'"py for your manager's approval. 8. Remember we have a ight protection bureau and no vorbal agreements .should be niailo <i>n- cerning additional exhiliiti"" ilai?-'' or towns other than speciHi'd in the contract. 9. Report to your maii;ii;c'i- any case of bicycling by an ••NliiliiNir, whether it Vie your compjinv s iirod- uot or that of ant iher disti i'iiior. It i.s a violation of business > not to report same, and it is ',i<v me best interests of the imliisn.'' ''"'^ It bo reported. 10. T".iese rules are mini" " i""''" tcct your future in tlils I and it Is lo your intorf-sl i> them out to the letter. ■iu-ry