Variety (Jul 1930)

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Wednesday; July 9, 1930 VARIETY 25 W YORK C R1 TICS CELEBRATE! The greatest picture that has come to the talking screen! Thofs the verdict of the New York critics after reviewing HOLIDAY at the Rivoli The- otre. They dusted off their vocabulary and polished up a new set of superlatives to acclaim this as the outstand- ing sensation of the season* IRENE THIRER-N.Y, DAILY NEWS-(Rotes four stars} ''One of the year's best ten • • • • It starts off with a bangr.novor lets up at all." QUINN MARTIN-N.Y. WORLD 'Holiday' is one talking motion picture which I would bo proud to- have produced/ REGINA CREWE-N.Y. AMERICAN 'The picture has every element of audience appeal* The dialogue is the best thus far heard in the talkies/' GEORGE GERHARD-N^ Y. EVENING WORLD "When along abput Thanksgiving time, students of the cinema begin selecting the ten best pictures of the year, you can expect to see a preponderant majority of them set down 'Holiday' in first, second or third place. This is a screen ploy which you fust can't miss/' JULIA SHAWELL-N. Y. GRAPHIC "'Holiday is one stage contribution which enriches the current motion picture season/ THORNTON DELEHANTY-N. Y. POST "'Holiday' is the kind of picture that no civilized person has the right to miss/ ROBERT GARLAND-N.Y. TELEGRAM "Knowing nothing about talking pictures, but knowing what I like, I like the talking picture version of Mr. Philip Barry's 'Holiday' very much indeed • t • Vm certain you'll enjoy it." PAT HE ^ ^ ^ ^ ii^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ - ^