What shocked the censors! (1933)

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NATIONAL COUNCIL ON FREEDOM FROM CENSORSHIP (Organized by the American Civil Liberties Union) Chairman Treasurer Hatcher Hughes Harry Elmer Barnes Vice-chairmen Secretary Barrett H. Clark Gordon W. Moss Fannie Hurst Elmer Rice NATIONAL COMMITTEE Helen Arthur Bruce Bliven Louise Stevens Bryant Witter Bynner James Branch Cabell Henry Seidel Canby Edward Childs Carpenter Marc Connelly Mary Ware Dennett Walter Pritchard Eaton Morris L. Ernst Paul Green Louis I. Harris Arthur Garfield Hays Theresa Helburn B. W. Huebsch Sidney Howard Rupert Hughes Inez Haynes Irwin Dorothy Kenyon Kenneth Macgowan H. L. Mencken Lewis Mumford Henry Raymond Mussey George Jean Nathan Rabbi Louis I. Newman Eugene O'Neill Maxwell E. Perkins G. Shearman Peterkin Llewelyn Powys Aaron J. Rosanoff Robert E. Sherwood Claire Sifton Paul Sifton Harry Weinberger Stewart Edward White Ira S. Wile Harry Leon Wilson