What shocked the censors! (1933)

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DAVID H. StiEPAuU WHAT SHOCKED THE CENSORS CONTENTS Page Foreword by Hatcher Hughes, chairman .... 2 Introduction by Prof. Eduard C. Lindeman ... 4 Note for Readers 15 The Censors' Cuts of Feature Films . . . . 16 The Censors' Cuts of Shorter Films .... 91 "The trouble I have with the idea of censorship is that formal censorship puts the seal of official approval on what is left after the censor has done his work. Anyone who reads the excisions made by the censors feels that the cutting is wholly of superficial. The fundamental conception of the theme may be wrong. To say of a bad play that it is passed by the Board of Censors after deletions puts sanction on what remains. The good done by the excision does not outweigh the evil done by what at least appears to be found approved." FRANCIS J. McCONNELL, Resident Bishop of the New York Area of the Methodist Episcopal Church