What shocked the censors! (1933)

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more than a pioneer memory, and when liberties are unmistakable, authentic, and thoroughly guaranteed. A decent society cannot be reared upon the edifice of fear, and all censorship is at bottom a manifestation of fear. It thus becomes clear that censorship of motion pictures is merely a part of a much more significant problem. Our thoughts need to be clarified with respect to the larger equation. As much as we may as individuals dislike cer- tain aspects of motion pictures, this fact should not lead us into gross con- fusion. To allow the principle of censorship to gain headway in one sphere is to admit the validity in all others. The "cure" for an isolated sore thereupon becomes a systemic disease within the whole of society. Those who genuinely desire that life and experience in this country shall become cleaner, more de- cent, more human have a much more important task to perform than is im- plied in the negativism of censorship. Theirs is the responsibility to criticise, not symptoms, but the social diseases themselves. 12