What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors A REEL 7.—"Well, there's one way. // he ivas found hanged . . ." (plan- ned and executed by D.A.) Eliminate scenes of guard unlocking door of Martin's cell (1), then un- locking door of adjoining cell with men in it (1). Eliminate scenes of these men going into Martin's cell, and eliminate all scenes of them overpowering him (3). REEL 8.—Eliminate all views (5), distinct and in shadow, of Martin hanging in cell. Allow one view of his feet hanging as men come in to cut his body down. AIR HOSTESS JANUARY, 1933 REEL 2.—Eliminate indecent action of Miller's lips in fight where they form "Son of a bitch". ALIAS MARY SMITH— JUL Y, 1932 REEL 2.—Eliminate "I've heard it called everything but ping pong." ALONE MAY, 1932 REEL 3.—Eliminate all views of children when sex is shown. AMATEUR DAY APRIL, 1932 REEL 6.—Eliminate close views of beating of Jim where whip actually comes in contact with his body (4). Reduce one half, medium close shot where whip comes in contact with man's body. AMAZON HEAD HUNTERS NOVEMBER, 1932 REEL 2.-—Eliminate all front views of naked native women (5). REEL 3.—Eliminate all front views of naked native women (6). Eliminate all views of naked native children where sex is shown (5). REEL 5.—Eliminate all views of naked native children where sex is shown (4). AMERICAN MADNESS JUNE, 1932 REEL 4.—Eliminate view of Cluett actually changing hands of clock from nine to twelve. ANIMAL KINGDOM DECEMBER, 1932 REEL 2.—"Behold the bridegroom cometh and no oil for my lamp, as usual. A foolish virgin, me—well, foolish anyway." "Wanting each other goes." REEL 3.—"I thought maybe you just wanted her — wanted her most aw- fully." "Twenty guineas. Twenty guineas." "On the mantle piece." "In advance of that." REEL 9-— "On the mantle piece.", 17