What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors A-B AVENGING SEAS AUGUST, 1932 REEL 1.—"You know, Yvonne, wives have a funny way of returning unexpectedly . . . etc." "Well, in that case I'd better collect the evidence of my short but pleasant stay here." "Evidence? What evidence?'' "Oh, just a few feminine things that bachelor husbands are not supposed to have around." Eliminate all views of Yvonne taking lingerie from dresser in Dennis's bedroom (2), view of her deliberately putting slipper back into drawer, and view of her taking toothbrush from bathroom. "Well, have you got everything?" "Yes." BACK STREET JULY, 1932 REEL 7.—"My dear, hardly! Corinne thinks a mistress is something you read about in a Trench novel." REEL 8.—"Gambler! Remind me to leave you some money before I go, won't you?" BACHELOR'S FOLLY JUNE, 1932 REEL 2.—Eliminate indecent action of butler's lips. REEL 7.—Eliminate view of man in pajamas in Wenda's bedroom. BEAST OF THE CITY MARCH, 1932 REEL 4.—"You might. You're built for it." Eliminate view of Daisy exploiting her bodily charms in dance for the purpose of arousing Ed's interest, including rubbing hands over body and wriggling hips. Eliminate "What for?" , and accompanying views of Daisy in Eddie's arms. REEL 6.—Eliminate: "Can I?" "You can." REEL 7.—"Listen, I'm an old man. I left my youth in the capitals of Europe." "Then what about that load of cash you're playing nursemaid to tomor- row?" Eliminate distant view of child's body lying on the sidewalk, leaving view of child surrounded by crowd. REEL 8.—"Fighting Fitz tries to send up his own brother and Sam Belmonte gets him off. / guess that'll show them who's the boss of this town." REEL 10.—Eliminate scene of numerous policemen lying dead on floor after being shot down by gangsters. BEAUTY PARLOR JULY, 1932 Eliminate "I'm the farmers daughter." (In answer to "I don't go out with travelling salesmen."—"Why not?") BEFORE THE WHITE MAN CAME JUNE, 1932 REEL 1.—Eliminate view of children where sex is visible. 18