What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors B-G BROKEN PROMISE JANUARY, 1933 REEL 6.—Eliminate all views of woman lying on couch where dress is shown off her shoulders, and as she raises her body toward man leaning over her (5). BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK APRIL, 1932 REEL 4.—"Now, now, now, now, don't cry. / have zee grand idea. I will forget to be a good boy just this once, and Josephine will never know." REEL 7.—"How do people get reputations as lovers? Do women tell their friends?" rr No. not exactly, but it gets about. If you see a lot of women looking particularly radiant, somebody's been around." BY WHOSE HAND JULY, 1932 REEL 7.—Eliminate all views of Delmar as he fires at engineer and fire- man of train, and accompanying dialogue: "Stick 'em up." GALIENTE MAY, 1932 (Title subsequently changed to "FAST COMPANIONS") REEL 6.—Eliminate all views of whip striking body of child (2). CALIFORNIA TRAIL MARCH, 1933 REEL 1.—Eliminate actual view of man shooting gun at child in street, (killing him). REEL 6.—Eliminate actual view of captain of police shooting guard in his office. GALL HER SAVAGE NOVEMBER, 1932 REEL 1.-—"I ain't afraid of you. We're paying for your sins—yours and your harlots." REEL 3.—Eliminate all close views of woman's step-ins spread out to full view (2). "I told you to pack my things and leave he/s." "Mr. and Mrs. Smith! That's a honey. Of course, if you want to change meal tickets. . . ." "I pay the bills." "Uh-huh. I seem to remember, Mrs. Smith. You knoiv, experience should have taught you, my dear, that the name Smith is always suspicious on the hotel register." REEL 5.—Eliminate views of struggle on couch between Nasa and Crosby (2). REEL 6.—Eliminate entire episode of girl on street accosting man and view of man shaking head. "Hello, baby. What do you say, kid, eh? Out for a good time, huh?" and accompanying action of man accosting girl on street. "Hy, babe . . . etc", and following scene where Nasa hesitates and smiles at man on street. 22