What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors G CENTRAL PARK DECEMBER, 1932 REEL 4.—Eliminate all views of lion actually attacking and mauling man in cage up to point where keepers appear (4). "Just in case you're trying to get up nerve to make a break, forget it. I'd put a slug in you before you could go off that window sill." REEL 5.—Eliminate all views of guns where crooks hold up car in Central Park (2). "Come on, put 'em up. Put 'em up." Eliminate views where Hymie takes money out of box and stuffs it into valise (2). Eliminate all views of guns in robbery in Casino (3). "Let him have it, Louie!", and eliminate accompanying view of crook shooting at policeman. "Right out into Central Park West, quick. // they try to block us give them the heat." "What are you waiting for. Cool him off a little." "Okay, Chief. Let ..them have it." "Give them some more lead. Come on, step on it . . . etc." Eliminate all views of machine guns projecting from in back of robbers' car in action (4). REEL 6.—Eliminate view where Hymie crashes stone on policeman's head. CHEYENNE KID JANUARY, 1933 REEL 2.—Eliminate view of Tate actually reaching into Bush's pocket and taking pocketbook. REEL 5.—Eliminate view of Dover Ed as he shoots deliberately through office window at old man approaching on horseback (causing old man to fall from horse, wounded). CHILD OF MANHATTAN FEBRUARY, 1933 REEL 1.—Eliminate: "You ought to have your boy-friends keep their finger nails trimmed." "Oh, she gives me a pain in the . . . ." REEL 8.—"You ain't losing no beauty sleep askin' how I done. You might as well save your breath. I gave you a dollar yesterday and two the day before. What're you doing, keeping a woman?" REEL 3.—"Glory be! A thousand dollars." Eliminate distinct view of denomination of bill. Shorten scene of man owning dress shop feeling girl's body all over, and eliminate accompanying dialogue: "You mustn't think of the man in me, only the artist. If I can't see how you 3 re formed, how can I visualize?" "Well, who asked you to?" REEL 4.—Eliminate: "No, no. I —/ didn't hardly think so." "Me with three kids and I don't understand? Huh, I understand all right, you dirty little tramp." "Oh, yeah? I'd never a-took your money /'/ / knew how you got it." "If you'd have known how I got it you d have held out for more." "Get out of here. As long as I'm man of the house, don't you ever come back. Go on, get out of here you dirty little tramp." 23