What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors G "That'll learn you to call your sister a dirty tramp." Eliminate entire episode of doctor in pregnant, unmarried girl's bedroom, and accompanying dialogue: "You mustn't be rebellious, my dear. Soon you'll be glad, very glad." ''Maybe —, / hope so." "Now, that's more like it. After all, the Heavens are not going to fall because of this. It is the most natural thing in the world.'' "Ain't it, just?" "Now don't you worry my dear. Everything is going to be all right." In scene between Paul and Madeline, after the doctor has disclosed her condition, eliminate italicised words: "I didn't want this to happen. You gotta believe me. I'm so ashamed. You gotta believe me, Paul. I know it looks like I was trying to get a hold on you. but I wasn't. You gotta believe me. I just didn't know no better." "Oh, that's why I've been afraid to tell you, tho', because I knew you'd think I done it on purpose." "Of course I don't think so." "And if you'll find out something for me, what to do and where I have to go, I won't be afraid." "Oh, no, no. You're crazy. I didn't ask you for anything like that. You don't want to marry me." REEL 5.—"I'm here to see a little friend of mine. She's just got a baby, sort of unexpected like." "Paul only married me on account of the baby, to give it a name. Now my baby's gone, / gotta give it back to him. It's only right." "Yeah, so I'm left without anything. Why did it have to be him? Why did it have to be the baby that made it right for Paul and me to be together?" REEL 6.—"No, you don't understand. You see, me and my husband wasn't married at first." "Don't you see, Panama? I've been a bad woman." CHRISTOPHER STRONG— MARCH, 1933 REEL 8.—Eliminate insert of Cynthia's letter to Christopher reading: ". . . if you should have a son or daughter I hoped you'd drink to his health . . ." CLEAR ALL WIRES MARCH, 1933 REEL 3.—". . . mind you, this is only a suggestion. If you should bomb the Kremlin. . . ." "Then you can't bomb the Kremlin, I took a look at it flying. It's more than a one-man job. But I'm telling you right now a good attempt at an assassination is sure-fire." REEL 4.—". . . nice, big bed, don't you?" "I won't be in the way, Buckey, honest I won't. I'm lonesome. Let me stay." "Are you really crazy about me? Oh, Buckey, I couldn't sleep there alone." REEL 6.—Eliminate all close and distinct views of nude statue and reflec- tion of nude statue in mirror. "Prince—A Romanoff! The last of the Romanoff's.—Prince Alexander Romanoff will be shot and fatally wounded—here—tonight." 24