What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors G Eliminate views of Lefty practicing and aiming gun at chair, including following dialogue: "/ want you to wing him, see? Just through the left shoulder — right about — right about there." CLOSE RANKS MARCH, 1932 (Title subsequently changed to "SIBERIAN PATROL") REEL 2.—Title No. 39— "Long live Soviet power in the entire world." Title No. 45— "Again to sit on our necks, the capitalists and the land owners. That is what they need — our land, our bread, the factories, the plants, the forests, the oil — that's what they need. Will we, Red partisans, be afraid? No." REEL 4.—Title No. 77—"Here he is, American Reptile." Eliminate view of figures of men hanging from gallows. REEL 5.—Title No. 95— "Let him smell the Bolshevik truth and then tell it to his own. If he does not understand our worker's soul then of course we must kill him." Title No. 132— "This English, American, Italian — all scenes of Imperial- ism." Title No. 143— "Needed a red, red republic — and there shall be one republic." COCK OF THE AIR FEBRUARY, 1932 REEL 1.—Shorten scene of Lilli holding decoration on bosom. REEL 2.—"Not a chance. When Craig gets through with them Don ]uan himself couldn't make them play ball. They haven't got the proper faith in mankind left. Eliminate scene of Roger on couch caressing girl, before entrance of girl with gun. "He does, he doesn't, what you just didn't, sir." REEL 2.—"There are a lot of lips going to waste here. Suppose we use them for eating dinner with first, huh?'' "You live alone?" "Officially." Eliminate words in song: "Would you like to turn the lights down low?" Go on. Me? I would. That's good. And would you insist if I said no? Oh, I would. Not so good. If you're in search of true love, it's not hard to find. Can it be that you are seeking a different kind? Would you like to do ivhat's on your mind? "Oh I would." "Why don't you make me believe I said it right now?" REEL 4.—"No, it's too soon after dinner." "Let's go into the garden— and walk." 25