What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors GOONA GOONA AUGUST, 1932 REEL 3.—Eliminate view of child where sex is distinctly shown. REEL 5.—Eliminate view of boy in field where sex is distinctly shown. GORILLA SHIP JUNE, 1932 REEL 2.—Eliminate italicised word: "So long. Goodbye, sweetheart— you bum." Eliminate view of gorilla putting arm around girl and disappearing in shadow. Eliminate: "Forget it, sailor. She was just a bum anyway." GREAT JASPER FEBRUARY, 1933 REEL 2.—"Well, now, Govnor, you can't just pull a son out of a hat." Eliminate all views of ice melting in glasses (denoting transition of time) following fade out of embrace between Jasper and Mrs. McGowd. Eliminate sequence of Jasper handing cigar to McGowd and accompanying dialogue: "Here, have one of mine." REEL 3.—"You may call it a joke for the present, on me." "Jasper, did you know that before Roger was born, my wife spent a lot of my money to look up your ancestry? You didn't know your geneology had been explored, did you?" "Why should Mrs. Daniel McDowd be interested in the ancestry of one Jasper Horn, an idle, shiftless working man?" "Oh, I see you know why, Jasper. How could you — how could you and think of me?" "But I wasn't thinking of you Mr. McGowd." REEL 8.—Eliminate: "That boy is your son." "That's just it. It's all a joke on him. "He's like me . . ." "But Mrs. McGowd, I can't stand by and see Roger, heedless and care- less, like his blind fool of a father . . ." "I said suppose we don't get married." "Suppose I'm not going to marry Jasper." "Oh, Jasper, you're not that stupid. Stop asking tiresome questions." "Why even my mother . . ." GREEKS HAD A NAME FOR THEM FEBRUARY, 1932 REEL 2.—"You don't have to stand anything about me, you poor blond wop." "Don't you call me a wop." REEL 4.—Eliminate view of Schatze pulling dress from underneath Jean's coat, and accompanying dialogue: "When I did that I was hot." "Well, it's just ten minutes to five. I'll give you those ten minutes." Eliminate view of Jean opening coat and exposing body and underwear while lying on couch, and accompanying dialogue: "Oh, I'm hot. I wonder where my dress is. I did have a dress, once. "Oh, this is the most wonderful couch in the world. Mind if I stay here?" "Don't go. Let it ring — I'm sleepy — don't answer — they'll go away." 40