What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors G-H "I'm afraid they're gone." Eliminate view of Feldman kissing Jean in fade out. REEL 5.— "That was too good to be true." "With that big stiff, Jean?" "Yeah, she beat me to it." REEL 9.— "When I lived next door to a fire house." GUILTY AS HELL AUGUST, 1932 REEL 2.—Eliminate italicised words: "Tell Mack to go cook a goose, or vice versa" REEL 7.— "In the Coroner's hat" HALF NAKED TRUTH DECEMBER, 1932 REEL 3.—Eliminate italicised words: "Oh, you know. They have them in all Turkish harems." "He's— he's very sensitive about it." (Intimating that the man is a eunuch.) REEL 6.—Eliminate all scenes where Jimmy Bates takes his clothing from dresser in girl's bedroom (3). HARLEM IS HEAVEN MAY, 1932 REEL 1.—Eliminate italicised words in screen sub-title: "Here intellec- tuals intermingle with illiterates— preachers and prostitutes pound the same pavements." "Not tonight, girlie." REEL 6.— "I'm going to have her rubbed out. She knows too much. "Me and Charlie gonna knock 'em both off tonight." Eliminate all views of machine gun in window in operation (2). REEL 7.—"Did you get 'em both?" REEL 8.—Eliminate all views in shadow of Spider slitting Johnson's throat with razor (2). HELL'S HEADQUARTERS MAY, 1932 REEL 5.—Eliminate view of two lions actually devouring Talbot. HER MAD NIGHT OCTOBER, 1932 REEL 2.—Eliminate all views of Dirkin trying to open door of Joan's apartment with keys (3). Eliminate "So you began with the door lock. You might have asked for the key." "Men accept keys more readily than they give them up." REEL 3.—Eliminate scene where Schuyler holds up key to Joan's apart- ment, and dialogue: "She's had the lock changed since she met you. I won't be using this key again." HERTHA'S ERWAGHEN MARCH, 1933 REEL 5.—Eliminate scene where Miss Berghuhn recommends to Hertha "just one way" (out of her approaching motherhood). This includes the fol- lowing dialogue: 41