What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors I-J REEL 3.—Eliminate view of child with mother where sex of child is visible. Eliminate view of boy where sex is visible. Eliminate view of child with water buffalo where sex of child is visible. REEL 6.— In scene where four boys are carrying basin of water, eliminate view of boy where sex is visible. IS MY FACE RED JUNE, 1932 REEL 4.—Eliminate distinct view of knife in Tony's hands before murder of Spinelli. JACK'S THE BOY MARCH, 1933 REEL 5.—"There is Varnier's and there are the crossroads. Here is the policeman on point duty. Now you, Ricardo and George will take car No. 1, drive up and wait outside Varnier's shop. You will take car No. 2 and wait here. At 12 o'clock the window is smashed. Now the get-away. Car No. 2 pulls out across the road, will bungle it, and so stop all oncoming traffic — better make it a lorry. You and you will deal with any passers-by. You slip the number and change your hood as soon as possible. If the policeman on point duty gives you any trouble — well, you know ivhat to do. Everything clear?" REEL 6.—Eliminate view of man deliberately breaking window of jewelry shop, putting hand in window and stealing necklace. Eliminate view of crook on running board of automobile holding gun on driver, and accompanying dialogue: "Straight on. and drive like hell." JEWEL ROBBERY JULY, 1932 REEL 2.—Eliminate view of gangster opening jewel case, robber taking gun therefrom, pointing it directly at Hollander, and later replacing it. "Well, then, will you kindly put up your hands?'' "Now all of you—/'// shoot anyone who moves:' Eliminate view of robber holding gun on Teri. Eliminate all views of robbers advancing into shop with drawn guns. "With your permission, Mr. Hollander, we're robbing your shop." Eliminate view of robbers holding gun against Paul. Eliminate all views of robbers taking jewels from safe and cases. Eliminate all views of leader taking jewels from safe and cases, and tossing them to accomplices. "Henri, don't forget you're handling our property now." "Do be a bit careful, won't you? Now, don't you bother to look out for the police." "I know all the people who own unusual jewelry. That's one of the elementary requirements of my trade." "You're not really a thief." "Thief! That's an ugly word. Let's say robber." "Oh, there's more flavor to robber." Eliminate all views of robber taking jewel from case and handing it to accomplice. 45