What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors K-L KAMERADSCHAFT— JUNE, 1932 REEL 4.—Eliminate all views of naked men in shower room (3). KEYHOLE MARCH, 1933 REEL 2.—Eliminate italicised words: "You've been two-timing your hus- band with every tramp in town, haven't you? Well, I think he's a swell guy and he deserves a divorce." REEL 4.—Eliminate close view of bartender handing money to Dot. REEL 5.—Eliminate close view of jeweler handing Dot money as she and Hank are leaving store after Hank buys diamond ring for Dot. KING KONG MARCH, 1933 REEL 8.—Eliminate all views of monster holding girl as he tears cloth- ing from her body. REEL 9-—Eliminate all views of monster with natives in his mouth as he tears them apart. Eliminate all views of monster crushing natives with foot. REEL 10.—Eliminate all views of monster biting man whom he holds in his mouth. KING OF THE JUNGLE MARCH, 1933 REEL 5.—Shorten one half, scene of lion in cage chewing man's arm which is through bars of cage. REEL 7.—Shorten one half, scene of tiger attacking woman. LADIES OF THE JURY JANUARY, 1932 REEL 5.—Eliminate "You son of a . . ." LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT JANUARY, 1933 REEL 1.—In bank hold up, eliminate: "All right, stick 'em up." "Get out of there and keep your trap shut. Now, the first one that sets off an alarm I'll blow your insides all over the wall." Eliminate all views of bandit inside of cage taking money, running from cage with money in hands, and view of bandit getting into car with bag containing money. REEL 5.— "Don wants you to make a map of the women's section show- ing your cell. They got a plan to tunnel through and come into your coop. You can cover for them while they're digging . . ." "There's a lot less artillery around and not so many guards. // you could get me a map and a design of the matron's key to the main corridor . . ." Eliminate episode of Nan passing map to Lefty under table. (Map is secreted in shoe). Eliminate view of Nan deliberately making impressions of matron's key to cell block in cake of soap she has secreted in her hand. REEL 6.—Eliminate view of letter with drawing of key on it, reading, "Exact size of key to main cell block." KOENIGIN DER UNTERWELT DECEMBER, 1932 REEL 1.—Eliminate all distinct views of three crcoks where guns are plainly visible as they hold up crowd (5). 47