What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors K-L Eliminate corresponding dialogue in hold-up. Eliminate view of gunman with gun held in man's face as he takes the pearls away from him, and dialogue: "Give me your pocketbook." Eliminate view of gunman with gun as he folds up tablecloth containing loot and carries it away. REEL 5.—Eliminate distinct view of gun in gunman's hand, pressed in back of man's neck in box. REEL 9.—Eliminate views of actual throwing of knife (2). KREUZER EMDEN OCTOBER, 1932 REEL 6.—Eliminate italicised words: "Oh, let me go. We shall go to Madam Del ores . . . etc." In German: "Ach, lassen sie. Wir geben zu Madame Delores . . . etc.'' Eliminate all views of sign on house reading "Madame Delores" (3). LA CHANGE MAY, 1932 REEL 5.— "You desire me, that's all.'' r Yes." French: "Vous me desirez, voila tout." "Oui." REEL 6.— "Do you want us to arrange it betiveen us?" French: "Voulez- vous que nous arrangions ca?" "If he doesn't telephone, it's that he has gone back to his old mistress" French: "S'il ne me telephone pas, c'est qu'il est retourne chez son ancienne maitresse." "What a mania you have for choosing places full of tarts.'' French: "Quelle manie as-tu de choisir tojour des restaurants ou c'est plein de poules." "I don't know which author said, sir, 'Except for your mother and mine, all women are tarts.' " French: "Je ne sais plus quel auteur disait, Monsieur, 'a part votre mere et la mienne, toutes les femmes sont des poules.' ' REEL 7.— "Oh, don't make me laugh." French: "Oh. c'est une blague." "You mustn't try that with me. I'm not a baby. Don't try to come funny with me." French: "Faut pas me le faire a moil Ma petite, je ne suis pas un naif, moi. Ne me monte pas le cou." Eliminate all views of Victor pounding door of room, trying to force himself upon Tania, and accompanying dialogue: "Now then! Open the door to me. It's no use playing the virtuous one with me. Your concierge told me everything. And also I paid the bill. Here, come and see my wallet. It's full of banknotes. Open the door. Gaston will know nothing about it. Oh, I want you! Open the door!" French: "Allez! Ouvrez-moi! Quoi — pas la peine de la faire a la vertu avec moi. Votre concierge m'a renseigne. Et puis fat paye I'addition. Tenez, venez voir mon portefeuille! II est plein d'argent. Ouvrez-moi. Gaston n'en saura rien. Oh, vous me plaisez. Ouvrez-moi!" LAILA FEBRUARY, 1932 REEL 3.—Eliminate all views of nude boys where sex is discernible (3). LAND OF NAIRI DECEMBER, 1932 REEL 1.—Eliminate view of naked child where sex is displayed. REEL 4.—Eliminate view of man with lighted match actually setting fire to hay. 48