What shocked the censors! (1933)

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What Shocked the Censors L "I guarantee Hardy'11 reach for his fountain pen before brother Jim reaches for a gun." "Who's the man? You've got to tell me. Who is it?" "It's Hardy—Bruce Hardy" LOVE IS A RACKET MA Y, 1932 REEL 6.—Eliminate view of Jimmy when he actually throws dead body of Shaw over railing. LOVE STARVED APRIL, 1932 New Title for "YOUNG BRIDE" LUCKY LARRIGAN JANUARY, 1933 REEL 3.—Eliminate all views where gun or guns are distinctly shown in hands of men who hold up travellers (4). Eliminate scene where bandit takes money from man in hold up, and accompanying dialogue: "Put up your hands, pronto. Shoot the first one what makes a move. All ive want is the money. Hand over the money." «M" MARCH, 1933 {German version) REEL 3.—Eliminate italicised words: "... registers the strongly sexual pathology of this person." REEL 7.—Eliminate all views of gun held on watchman at gate of factory. REEL 11.—Eliminate: "We want to take the fangs out of you." MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORM JUNE, 1932 REJECTED IN TOTO. MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORM AUGUST, 1932 (Revised) REEL 4.—Eliminate all views of Manuela's face as she looks at Miss von Bernberg in the classroom (2). REEL 5.— "In the evening when you say good night to me and go away from my bed and close the door, I must always stare at the door through the darkness, and then I would like to get up and come across to you, and yet I know that I am not allowed to, and I then think that I will grow older and will have to leave school and that you will Remain here, and every night you will kiss other children good night." German-. "Wenn Sie mir abends Gutenacht sagen, von meinem Bett gehen (sic) die Tiire starren und dann mochte ich aufstehen und criiberkommen zu Ihnen und ich weiss doch, dass ich das nicht darf, und wenn icb dann denke, doss ich alter werde und fort muss aus diesem Stiff und dass Sie hierbleiben und dass Sie hier jeden Abend fremde Kinder kussen." "What a thing to worry about!" German: "Na, Du hast aber S or gen!" 53