When the movies were young (1925)

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CHAPTER XII ON LOCATION EXPERIENCES PLEASANT AND OTHERWISE BEFORE the first winter drove us indoors there had been screened a number of Mexican and Indian pic- tures. There was one thriller, 'The Greaser's Gauntlet/' in which Wilfred Lucas, recruited from Kirke La Shelle's "Heir to the Hoorah" played the daring, handsome, and righteous Jose. And Wilfred Lucas, by the way, was the first real g-r-a-n-d actor, democratic enough to work in our movies. That had happened through friendship for Mr. Griffith. They had been in a production together. For a mountain fastness of arid Mexico, we journeyed not far from Edgewater, New Jersey. No need to go further. Up the Hudson along the Palisades was sufficiently Mexico-ish for our needs. There were many choice boulders for abductors to hide behind and lonely roads for hold-ups. New Jersey near by was a fruitful land for movie land- scape; it didn't take long to get there, and transportation was cheap. Small wonder Fort Lee shortly grew to be the popular studio town it did. In those days, movie conveyance for both actors and cargo w r as a bit crude. We had no automobiles. When Jersey-bound, we'd dash from wherever we lived to the nearest subway, never dreaming of spending fifty cents on a taxi. We left our subway at the 125th Street station. Down the escalator, three steps at a bound, we flew, a-nd 82