Who's who in the film world (1914)

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Jntox to Pagers Alphabetically Arranged A Abbott, Gypsy 34 Adair, Robyn 207 Adams, Stella 170 Allardt, Arthur 162 Allen, Estelle 216 Aoki, Tsuru 120 Apfel, Oscar C 78 Arbuckle, Roscoe 70 Asher, Max 171 Ashton, Sylvia (Mother) 104 Astor, Camille 153 Atkinson, A. J 36 Avery, Charles 75 B Balshofer, Fred J 156 Barker, Reginald 105 Besserer, Eugenie 130 Billington, Francelia 92 Blackwell, Carlyle 50 Blake, Alva D 154 Borzage, Frank 106 Bosworth, Hobart 37 Bracken, Bertram 28 Buckham, Hazel 172 Burton, Charlotte 1 7 C Carpenter, Horace Bernard 86 Carter, Harry 203 Castle, Helen 131 Cavender, Glenn W 75 Chaplin, Charles 71 Chatterton, Thomas 107 Chene, Dixie 75 Clary, Charles 132 Clayton, Marguerite 46 Clifford, William 204 Clisbee, Edward 54 Colwell, Goldie 133 Connors, Buck 230 Cooper, Miriam 217 Crawley, Constance 218 Cunard, Grace 173 D Dagmar, Florence L 86 Darkfeather, Princess Mona 55 Davenport, Dorothy 93 Dudley, Chas 29 Dunham, Philip Gray 174 E Edwards, Walter 108 Ehfe, William C 56 Elmer, Billy 79 Eyton, Bessie 134 F Farnum, Dustin 80 Fazenda, Louise 175 Fisher, Harry, Jr 81 Ford, Francis 176 Forde, Eugenie 206 Forde, Victoria 177 Forman, Tom 219 Forrest, Allan 203 Foxe, Carl A 135 Franz, James Joseph 163 French, Charles K 109 French, Helen K 220 Furey, Barney 136 G Gallagher, Raymond 178 Gamble, Fred A 18 Garwood, William 19 Gibson, Margaret 210 Gish, Dorothy 94 Gish, Lillian 95 Glaum, Louise 179 Green, Alfred E 154 Greeson, Elsie 137 Griffith, D. W 96 Gordon, Grace 221 Gordon, Phyllis 222 H Hadley, Bert 180 Haines, Rhea 38 Hall, Ella 203 Hall, Franklyn 138 Hamilton, John H 110 Hanford, Ray 181 Hanna, Florine Garland 164 Harris, Joseph 20 Harris, Mildred 124 Harron, Robert 97 Hazelton, Joseph H 139 Henderson, Lucius J 230 Hockheimer, E. D 34 Hockheimer, H. M 34 Holland, Cecil C 140 Holmes, Helen 5'J