Who's who in the film world (1914)

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Sisson, Vera Mildred 197 Smalley, Phillips'... 41 Stanley, Geo. C 212 Stanley, Henry 33 Stedman, Marshall 42 Stedman, Myrtle 43 Sterling, Ford 159 Sweet, Blanche 100 T Thatcher, Evlyn 198 Thompson, Margaret 118 V Vernon, Bob 199 von Meter, Harry 22 Vosburgh, Alfred 213 w Wade, Baby Lillian 149 Walcamp, Marie 200 Wallock, Edwin L 150 Walthall, Henry B 101 Warrenton, Lule 201 Weber, Lois 44 West, Raymond B 121 West, William Herman 65 Wheelock, Charles 151 Whitman, Fred J 34 Whitman, Velma 88 Williams, Clara 119 Williams, Geo. A 67 Wolfe, Jane 66 Woodward, Fred J 128 Worthington, William 202 Y Younge, Lu Cille 89