Who's who in the film world (1914)

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OOT FARLEY. A native of Chicago. 111. When only three years old was featured in the extravaganza, "Wedding Bells," in Chicago, and so great was her success that she was known as Chicago's "Little Dot"—a name which has remained with her ever since. Miss Farley traveled with her own company for about six years in the East and Middle West, playing in extrava- ganza, "Lost in Egypt." Miss Farley was persuaded to join the motion pictures, associating herself with the Essanay, playing comedy and character leads with Jack Kerrigan; then joined the American Company in Chicago, playing emo- tional and character roles and afterwards came West with the American Company as their leading lady, remaining with them one year, following which she filled a two years' engagement with the St. Louis Motion Picture Company and was with the Keystone for eight months, playing eccentric comedy, and finally joined the Albuquerque Company as leading lady, where she is at present engaged. Miss Farley is also a well-known scenario writer, having written over two hundred scenarios, all of which have been accepted, her most popular being "Peril of the Plains," "Lust of the Red Man," "The Price of Crime," "Even Unto Death." Address: Albuquerque Film Co., Los Angeles, Cal. Twelve