Who's who in the film world (1914)

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e D. HOCKHEIMER, Vice-president and assistant manager of Balboa Feature Film Company, Long Beach, Cal. H M. HOCKHEIMER. President and gen- eral manager of Balboa Feature Film 'Company, Long Beach, Cal. & YPSY ABBOTT, Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Six years' experience on the legitimate stage. First engagement with E. H. Southern in repertoire, later playing Flora Belle Fly in "Little Johnnie Jones," en tour. Featured one season in the "Cry Girl"; later played in stock in Chicago. Played in vaudeville, doing original baby specialty. First picture engagement with the Balboa Films, where she is at present. Address: Balboa Feature Film Company, Long Beach, Cal. fi BED J. WHITMAN. Born in Findlay, Ohio, November 15, 1887. First expe- rience on the stage was in 1904, being in stock through the South and Middle West, playing in "House of a Thousand Candles." "Divorcons," "Servant in the House," etc.; then went with "The Rosary" for two sea- sons out of Chicago. Joined the Balboa Company November, 1913, where he is en- gaged playing juveniles, direction Bert Bracken. Address: Balboa Film Company, Long Beach, Cal.