Who's who in the film world (1914)

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nOBART BO.SWORTH. The first actor-director in moving pictures to de- vote his entire time to the production of feature films: has also the distinction of being the first star of the "spoken drama" to appear regu- larly in motion pictures. He was born in Marietta. Ohio, and ran away • when he was eleven. After several voyages he landed in San Francisco, and at eighteen, after several excursions into other fields, embarked on the career in which he has won so many honors. A superb physique and rich voice aided a natural ability of unusual order, and his progress was rapid. It inclu : number of years under AugustinDaly. several seasons as leading man for Hen- rietta Crosman. Julia Marlowe and Mrs. Fiske and others, and other eng ments under the management of Harrison Grey Fiske. Picture fans . ; . need to be reminded of his brilliant success as leading man and direct five years with the Selig Co.. nor of the place he has made for hiiv- producer of the Jack Lond >n plays by his own company. "The Sea Wolf" was an immediate and sensational success. "John Barleycorn" and "The Val- ley of the Moon" were directed by him. He returns to the screen in "An Odyssey of the North." and in the title role of Fuming Daylight by Mr. London. Address: Bosworth. Inc.. Los Angeles. Cal. Thirty-seven