Who's who in the film world (1914)

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ellEA HAINES. During her association with the Bosworth Company, Miss Haines has had prominent roles in all the Jack London releases since the beginning and we would especially mention her portrayal of Mary in the "Valley of the Moon" and Lizzie in "Martin Eden" as displaying to the best advantage the exceptional ability of this talented young actress. She played Nell, the principal woman's role, in Part I of Burning Daylight, in sup- port of Mr. Bosworth, who plays the title role, and also played opposite him in "An Odyssey of the North," being cast as Unga. Miss Haines is quite young and her experience in pictures has not been long, but she has beauty, ambition and natural talent and her work is creating a great deal of favorable com- ment. Address: Bosworth, Inc., 648 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, Cal. Thirty-eight