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"B" AS IN BARNUM 297 dollars. Would it be reasonable to force a man to cast ten votes against himself on the ground that he was free to cast one on the other side?" By temperament an expert in the sweeping broadside, De- Mille searched for a dramatic key to his predicament. His cause was just; now to devise a strategy that would expose his evil oppressors. He was now morbidly certain that Communist influences were at work against him. At luncheon one day he said he had spoken with the ex- Communist, Louis Budenz. "He told me the Communists had gotten me off the air but they couldn't get Fulton J. Lewis, Jr. off." He reflected on the possibility of Red infiltration into the AFRA board of directors but a check of their background re- vealed nothing even slightly encouraging. Frequent conferences with FBI agents sur-charged the air in the bungalow, and mis- sions veiled in the greatest secrecy were entrusted to staff mem- bers. Judge Medina's heroic demonstration of patience and justice in the celebrated Communist trial in New York was closely fol- lowed, and the staff cheered when the eleven hooting, howling Reds were convicted. Reading a newspaper account to the trial, DeMille exclaimed, "I feel the country is swinging to my side. I sense it!" For the moment, his attention was diverted. An open dispute developed with the Catholic bishop in San Diego, Charles F. Buddy, who hurried to his typewriter whenever DeMille wrote a major article on AFRA, freedom, or rights of man. This flow of rebuttal appeared in the San Diego diocese paper, Southern Cross, and the Jesuit publication, America.