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1. Variety December 1905


2. Variety December 1905

... . In the first place, I should never have 1 een asked to write ahout vaude- ville, hecause, for cue thing. I know very little ahout it nowadays, and, for an- other. I have got a grudge against, it. Vaudeville has robbed me of too many happy hours in the variety theatres to ever expect a hoom from me ...

3. Variety December 1905

... ' VARIETY 3 - y\niETY A Variety i'uper for Variety Peopl.- Published every Saturday by THE VARIETY PUBLISHING COMPANY Knickerbocker flMMfti nullrtlnj?. New York City. , , J SUBSCRIPTION RATES. Annual V *2 foreign ••.; i ...

4. Variety December 1905

... Jt \ VARIETY. Funes and Proctor Part. The Important item of the week's gos- pJp has been the probable plans of J. Austin Fynes, who resigned his portion as general manager for F. F. Proctor two weeks ago. Mr ...

5. Variety December 1905

... VARIETY. " SklQle." the younoest Critic in the World, Expresses His Opinion of the Bill at . flurtlQ & Seamon's. Likes Everything but the OiiiQer Ale. ("Skigie" Is a boy, seven years old. Hav- ing been a constant attendant at vaudeville theatres since the age of three, he has a decided opinion ...

6. Variety December 1905

... VARIETY. Shows die week — RE.—ROBERTS. Variety gossip the past few weeks has been busy with the rumor that the se- cret of the quick changes made by R. A. Roberts, who opened at the Colonial week before last, and who is now play- ing at the Orpheum in Brooklyn, was a double ...

7. Variety December 1905

... VARIETY - By 6Hi60i PROCTOR'S FIFTY-EIGHTH STREET. Paul Conchas and Adele Ritchie share the biggest and blackest type at the Fifty-eighth Stieet this week, but there are other pebbles on The shore—to say rothlng of six or bcven different dis- tributions of gifts, from dolls for the girls at the Saturday matinee to smok- ing trays for the men Monday evening ...

8. Variety December 1905

... 8 Variety. Shows the Week HOW IT HAPPENED. The atmosphere had a moody op- pression as I slowly walked up the street. There were doubts as to my re- ception. The Head of the House opened the door, and in a questioning voice said: "Do we eat ...

9. Variety December 1905

... VARIETY. — KEITH'S UNION 8QUARE. Wednesday afternoon the etereopticon did not open the show. AIwa>a go Wed- nesday afternoon. But To-To did, which is almost as cruel. How the act ever reached vaudeville is a larger mystery than the one advertised regarding the "gold brick ...

10. Variety December 1905

... IO . VARIETY. AT THE AMPHION. Anua Laughlin, comedienne, late of The Wizard of Oz," must have spent most of her time at the Ainphion over in Brooklyn this week in wrinkling her cherubic countenance into angry frowns and murmuring ...