Permanent Beta

We have spent two years developing Lantern, but we still consider the version you see to be version 1.0 -- or, put another way, in "permanent beta." We look forward to enhancing and improving the platform and the underlying collections. Help us by letting us know how we can improve. You can e-mail us at mediahist (at) gmail (dot) com.

Immediate priorities for development include:

More long-term development goals include:

Impact Stories, or Help Hoyt's Tenure Dossier!

Our Google Analytics account shows the quantity of users, but it doesn't tell us anything about how the MHDL materials are being used or how the MHDL and Lantern are making an impact.

If you have found these resources to be valuable in your life or work, please let us know. Specific examples of how the MHDL and Lantern have enabled new research or teaching possibilities are especially appreciated.

By sharing your impact story, you will also be helping Eric Hoyt's tenure dossier. It's unusual for a Humanities professor to spend time writing computer code and not just academic prose. Please help Eric so he can help his tenure committee understand why Lantern matters and why producing it was time well spent.

E-mail your impact stories to ehoyt (at) wisc (dot) edu. Thank you.

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